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About Us

Communic8 supply radios and event services to all industries catering for any form of event, function or task you're carrying out across South Wales and around the UK.

Whether you're a School or college that need reliable on site communications to enable you to get in touch with staff on campus or you're hosting an outdoor show and require a full event package catering from radios through to sound, security and lighting.

Our approach to events and assisting customers with their radio communication needs gives us the ability to solve many of your problems under one roof.

About Us - Communic8

Our Company

Our company aims are to provide events, functions and industry clients with a reliable one stop point of communication to source the services you need to make sure the occasion or need you have is not only easy for you, but delivered at the best price with a range of options to suit your needs.

With a range of company services including our radio hire availability you don't have to visit multiple companies to get your range of prices for different services.

We will always provide the best options available based around you!.

We have a laid back and friendly approach to all our work with no hard sell tactics with no multiple office locations to cover. This ensures our prices are kept down whilst still providing a great service.

Communic8 predominantly are providers of two way radio communications for a range of purposes in the UK.

Two way radio hire is available for security teams, event organisers, charity events, construction projects, shows & fairs and more.

We also can supply event packages that include Security staff, PA Sound Hire and Lighting Hire for any function across Wales

Why Communic8 if we're not just about radios?.

Simple really - although it is the main and initial aim of the business, with experience and knowledge in the areas we provide plus people being stretched for time more and more, we felt we can save people time in making 4 or 5 calls, when 1 could hopefully be enough.

The name is also simple, straight forward and one that's fairly popular in day to day conversations - also we love to chat and help out wherever possible!.

If you're not an event organiser, a school or government staff member and are just a private customer looking to get something sorted for your needs, whatever that maybe. Dont' be put off. We want to help you too!.

With our event services such as Security Staff, Sound/Lighting Hire and Traffic Management options available across South Wales - our radio hire and Walkie Talkie hire options are available nationwide! - we'll supply customers from Aberdeen to Plymouth.

Award Winning Service

In 2017 and 2018, we won 2 Awards from the Lux Global brand for our radio communication services and also our audio visual hire. 

We're absolutely DELIGHTED with getting recognition for our customer service and this further backs up the 5 Star reviews we've received from events, weddings, radio hires and radio sales. As a tiny, tiny team it means the world to get the recognition of our commitment to do the very best we can. 

Here's to more business, more work, more clients and hopefully more awards. We really do love the work we do and receiving awards is just the icing on our cake. 

To read about the awards we've been nominated for and some we've won - check out our awards section on our news pages.
Our Awards and Nominations

Communic8 with us today and let us know what we can do for you.