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Edesix Motorola Solutions Body Worn Cameras

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Who were Edesix (Now Motorola Solutions) and their cameras?

In January 2019, Motorola solutions added a growing industry to their technology portfolio. Body worn cameras. Motorola purchased VaaS who are a parent company of Edesix. Edesix are one of the industries most recognised body worn video manufacturers. Their range of cameras can be found in a variety of industries and environments. Their prestigious customer base speaks volumes for their products. More on this later.

Whilst the use of body worn cameras is not something new to many people, Motorola now having a finger in the BWV (body worn video) action, shows how industries and times are changing. Hytera also are a radio manufacturer that have produced their own bodycam/radio combined. It does not take much searching online to find an abundance of bodycams and understanding the difference between a camera that is £40 over a camera that is £400 can prove confusing. There is a lot more to this than simply getting what you pay for.

The legal standings - what to consider when using Bodycams

There are strict and stringent rules around data protection when using and processing footage obtained by a BWC (body worn camera) and many simply choose to overlook these points. Whilst a cheap camera on eBay or a marketplace like Amazon may have good reviews and seem like it has good video. Where your money should be spent is on a system that protects you legally. Edesix have industry leading, video management software that provides extensive and comprehensive accountability to not only the camera operator but the business as well. This kind of criteria is crucial when evidence is presented in a legal situation, such as court hearings.

In August 2019. The UK Home Office released new guidelines for the use of body cams to tighter regulate their use and also to ensure transparency between the data controller and to ensure operators are not operating in an unfavourable manner. August also proved a new legal ground for bailffs and debt recovery agents who now MUST use body worn video devices when carrying out their duty. The Edesix cameras are the best CCTV body cam for this.

Understanding more about Motorola Solutions.

If you take out the Motorola factor from the discussion of body cameras and look at Edesix as a brand and manufacturer, their real industry competitors are the likes of AXON, Reveal and Pinnacle. Both Reveal and AXON are used by a number of police forces and ambulance services in the UK, not to mention Edesix equipment itself. Whilst the likes of Hytera are one of the first radio manufactures to come into the market with their own bodycam / radio, you have to look to the market leaders to understand the technology and get real feel for camera comparison. Edesix were founded in Edinburgh in 2002 and develop both hardware (cameras) and the software themselves.

What does this mean for joe public?.... well you get something that's built hand in hand with countless options to tailor the experience to suit the business, environment and the user. What also makes their cameras the right choice is that the scale ability of their systems are huge. There are systems out there ranging from 10 - 2,000 cameras+. This means that if you expand your system you are needing to spend thousands to improve your camera deployment.

Their flagship products are the VideoBadge series.

These cameras feature;-

For larger organisations, live streaming is also an option to ensure incidents and worker safety can be monitored in an instant. This speeds up reporting and can help direct assistance where it is needed.

Their customer base includes;-

Who could benefit from using Body Worn Cameras?

The list is endless, but some of those that can directly benefit include

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We are extremely proud to be able to deliver safety and protection from a leading provider and now be in a position to supply Edesix cameras to users of any industry. If you are not sure of the benefits over bodycams or have reservations. Get in touch with us to arrange a demonstration or to look at the equipment in more detail. Whilst the use of body worn video is occasionally controversial, they provide independent and reliable eye witness accounts.