Security Company West Wales

Radio Hire for Security Staff

Whether it’s working in a nightclub, attendant on an office reception block or ensuring site security at a construction site or festival.

Radio Hire for Security Staff focuses around 3 key things, quick, clear, easy transmissions allowing security staff and guards to respond quickly to situations

Walkie Talkies are essential tools to any security team or security operative. Radios for Security purposes can be to only talk between other security staff but also to event organisers, control rooms and workers on site.

When using Two Way radios, security staff need a quick, clear and reliable line of communication to allow them to deal with the issue at hand, often in a secure and discrete way. This allows security teams and guards to react faster and deal with situations more effectively.

The radios we recommended for security are;

Uses of Two Way Radios for Security

  • Access Control for Visitors and Deliveries
  • Covert Security – Monitoring potential unwelcome activities.
  • Emergency Situations – e.g Building Evacuation, Medical Issues
  • Crowd Control and Monitoring
  • Retail Store Guards/Detectives .

Typical features for Security radios:

  • Caller ID
  • GPS Tracking.
  • Lone Worker
  • Emergency Call
  • Man Down Features
  • Voice Encryption
  • Covert Earpieces