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Edesix VideoBadge Series Body Cameras

Edesix VB-400

Edesix VB-400

The VB-400 camera from Edesix is the newest addition to the BWC portfolio. The VB-300 series was the flagship for Edesix and now the building on its huge legacy. The VB400 has hit the market with a host of new features. 

All Edesix cameras now are part of the Motorola Solutions family and form part of the Avigilion portfolio of cameras and CCTV.

The newest and best, Body WOrn Camera

The VB-400 features Bluetooth and sensor integration. Ruggedised exterior with improve IP67 waterproof rating and also dual band Wi-Fi with improved 1080p High Def video recording. 

Body cameras not only increse the wearers safety and can help difuse a tense situation but they capture evidential footage and having good quality footage is key when in court as evidence. The VB-400 delivers clarity in the highest form. 

The VB-400 also has a wide viewing angle to capture every last bit of detail

Why the VB-400 Body Camera?.

Motorola Solutions are a global company who not only directly deal with many of the USA's police forces but also are a trusted manufacturer of technology for front line workers. The VB-400 and VT-100 are already used on the front line here in the UK and used by UK Police Forces and Ambulance crews plus they are in use across HM Prison Service. 

Other manufacturers may produce body worn cameras but Motorola and the VB range give you a far superior evidence gathering background and video processing service to ensure the footage you take is as viable and trusted as it should be. 

What's In The Box?

  • 1 VB400 Camera - Aligator Clip
  • No Camera License. 
    Listed price includes VAT.

Camera licenses are required for the camera to work - please get in touch when purchasing and let us advise on the best license options. 

VB400 Camera Specifications

  • Pre-record Facility
    Continuous pre-record available, with configurable pre-record period.
  • Dimensions 68mm x 89mm x 25mm
  • Weight 160g, plus mounting
  • Video Recording Format H.264 format with H.265 in future release.
  • Recording Capacity Up to 12-hrs when used with optimum camera settings.
    Features such as Wi-Fi impact battery-life.
  • Recording Storage Capacity 64GB
  • Battery Type Lithium-Polymer
  • Resolution 1920x1080p, 1280x720p and 640x360p recording modes
  • Frame Rate 25 or 30 frames per second, real time recording
  • Lens Capture Angle 120° horizontal, 65° vertical, 140° diagonal
  • Encryption AES 256, encrypted keys specific to base station. 
  • Day / Night Operation Supports low light conditions to 0.2 lux
  • RFID Assignment LED indicates RFID assigned.
  • Configurable
    Configure buttons, LEDs and recording and pre-recording functions to suit your needs.
  • Recording Status User Notification
  • Haptic, visual and audible feedback.

The VB-400 from Motorola Solutions has a range of accessories available. Fixed & Tilting Klick Fast, Crocodile style shirt-clip, sports-camera mounting. Ideal for Delivery Drivers, Emergency Service staff and Security staff including Door Supervisors and Site Security. 

Edesix VideoBadge VB-320

Edesix VideoBadge VB-320

The VB-320 bodycam is part of the VB-300 series of Body Worn Video Cameras. The 300 series are the first gen of WiFi enabled bodycams manufacturered by Edesix.  As of 2019 Edesix are now part of the Motorola Solutions family. 

The VB-320 camera is extremely simple to use, tactile and easy to use buttons and simple start/stop recording capability.

Simple to operate and simple to deploy

The camera features a wide 130 degree point of view (Horizontally), it peforms exceptionally in both day & night conditions and has RFID touch-assign enabled, In simple terms, you can touch and go with auto camera allocation to users.

Packed with smart features. 

In the heat of the moment, it can be easy to forget to press record. The VB-320 has your back with intergrated pre-record. This is customisable for up to 4 minutes meaning that everything pre-incident taking place is caught. The build up to an incident is vital when presenting footage as evidence.  

Market Leading legal features and Accountability.

Bodycams work 2 ways. They protect the user but also protect the public. It holds both parties for accountability and a hugely detailed audit trail in the VideoManager software shows indepth tracking of cameras, incident creation, logging and filing and also sharing and viewing of the footage proving concrete legal practices when presented in court. 

Cameras and the data are TAMPERPROOF and also ENCRYPTED. If a camera is stolen or defaced. The video data is useless to the end user. Ensuing you remain fully legal and compliant. 

Data Protection 

To ensure you don't keep unwanted and useless footage longer than is required. The VideoManager software can be customised to ensure data retention periods mean unused and unwanted footage can be automatically deleted ensuring full data compliance. 

VB-320 Camera Specifications

  • Viewing Angle:  130 Degree Field of View
  • Encryption:       AES 256
  • Dimensions:     84 x 62 x 30mm
  • Weight:              100g (no accessories)
  • Storage:            32GB
  • File Size:           2GB at HD resolution
  • Resolution:      1280x720 HD - MP4
  • Low Light:        Night Use down to 1 lux
  • Battery Life:    48hours (standby time).
  • Battery Life:    7 Hours (Record time). 
  • Recharge:        4 Hours (From flat)
  • WiFi Capable:  Livestreaming available
  • Buttons:           Customisable x 3
  • Audible Warning and LED Record Lights
  • Large tacticle Record button
  • Weatherproof IP65 Rating

All compliance controls built in as standard.

RIPA compliance

(The Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000). VideoBadge does not require RIPA authority to use, as is overt recording.

Surveillance compliance

VideoBadge front display, access restrictions and system controls for data management, provide compliance to Home Office - Surveillance Code of Practice

Data protection

VideoBadge encryption-protected recordings, access restrictions, system controls and audit trail for Information Commissioner Office compliance.


Fixed & Tilting Klick Fast, Crocodile style shirt-clip, sports-camera mounting are all available for the VB-320. If you wear any tactical clothing, vests and utility jackets. The KLICK FAST mounts are industry standard for Police, Fire and Ambulance service staff. 

Motorola VT-100 Body Camera

Motorola VT-100 Body Camera

The very latest camera, launched in 2020. The VT-100 from Motorola is a great improvement on the former VT-50. Since Motorola acquired Edesix in 2019, they continue to develop the most widely known Body worn camera range in the UK. This camera features a wide 130 degree viewing angle and also 720p HD Recording.

Small, discreet, robust Bodyworn CCTV.

The VT100 is a bodycam designed for occasional use in a customer focused environment. Don't let its small design and occasional use put you off chosing the VT-100 as it holds its own against the larger VB-400 and 300 series. 

VT-100 Camera Specifications

  • Dimensions:    80mm x 51mm x 22mm
  • Weight: 72g
  • Recording Storage Capacity: 16GB - HD
  • Battery Life 3 Hours Constant Record / 1.5hrs Live Streaming & recording
  • 6 Months Standby Battery time
  • Resolution 720p 1280 x 720
  • Frame Rate 30 Frames per second
  • Lens Capture Angle 130°
  • Configurable buttons  - 2 
  • WiFi Streaming Feature
  • Custom Branding Available - Display your corporate logos.
  • RFID Allocation - deploy quickly from RFID Reader
  • Scalable device from 1 - 10000 cameras. 
  • IP54 Rated - Outdoor use.

The camera is perfectly suited for

  • Till operators / Cash Clerks
  • Concierges / Reception Staff
  • Incident Response Managers
  • HR Managers
  • Social Care Workers
  • Food Delivery Drivers

The camera also fully intergrates into the VideoManager software to blur footage, edit footage and create court ready CCTV Body camera footage. Evidence gathering and providing a secure audit trail is key for court cases, this is only possible from Edesix camera range (Motorola).

This camera will require a camera license in addition to the camera itself.


The VT-100 body worn camera hosts a huge range of accessories including the KLICKFAST series of dock mounts. There are also Aligator clips, lanyards for neck worn applications plus flexible tilt clips. 

  • Alligator Clip  VT100-FIX Alig
  • Epaulette Clip VT-100-FIX-EP
  • Klickfast Stud VT100-FIX-KF-ALT
  • Replacement Micro USB Cable AC-USB-MICROB-100
  • Single Dock Charger VT-100-Solo