Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Two Way Radios

What is the difference between PMR License Free Radios and Licensed Two Way Radios.

Licensed Radios

These are typically radios used for business or commercial use and can be programmed onto specific frequencies, whether that’s a VHF or UHF Frequency. Frequencies are applied for to Ofcom and they inspect what frequencies may cause interference for the user. You can apply for  a few options, whether that’s a general light license or specific assigned frequencies. Licensed radios tend to put our more Transmission Power than License Free Radios allowing you to cover larger areas.

License Free, PMR Two Way Radios, Unlicensed Radios

These tend to be your off the shelf radio – Binatone, Cobra, some Motorola Radios and so on. Radio Handsets you can pick up from high street retailers. In short, license free radios all are pre-tuned to the same frequencies for use across the UK and not only do you run the risk of other people in your area being on the same frequency/channel as you but your communications could be snooped on more easily.

Can I try a Radio before I hire?

Yes, but this can depend on your length of hire and the purpose of your hire. For 1 or 2 day events, we can work with you for you to test drive some radio equipment but this typically isn’t available on short term hires. Costs could be incurred in a trial period but we’d be happy to sort something with you if you’d still like to try something.

Our try before you hire deals typically apply to long term hires or customers who expect to hire multiple units over the course of the year. Typically you'd only pay for courier costs to and from your location with a trial period lasting no longer than 5 days.

Do I need a license to hire your radios?

No, we have a license issued to us from OFCOM – the UK Radio Spectrum regulator. The license allows us to hire radios to you but you as a hirer will have the overall responsibility to ensure the use of the radios meets guidelines – these will be shown to you during your hire period.

I'm doing an outdoor event - how can I improve coverage?

Typically we would suggest if your traditional methods of communicating is not working. Then a Radio Repeater would be something you may need to consider renting. 

A repeater recieves a signal from 1 radio then retransmits it back out so other radios can hear. These are ideal for tough runner/mud runner events for example that are in hilly/mountainous areas or also ideal for shows and events that take place over a number of sites and fields. We rent repeaters with a professional grade antenna suitable for the job required. Whilst we can never guarantee coverage without a site visit, this is one of the way best ways to increase your radio coverage.

Do I need insurance to hire your radios?

Yes, for the duration of your hire you will need to have cover on the hired equipment.

We insure the radios during transit to and from your location but as the hirer you will need insurance cover for things like loss/damage/theft of the equipment. You can get a total cost of the hire if required, by contacting us.

Do you program 2 way radios?

Yes, depending on the make and model. As a UK Distributor for TYT, we can program most TYT radios however due to the complexity around things like HAM Radio use, we don't offer programming for radio hams. We do offer full support however.
We do also offer programming for Vertex Standard (Now Motorola) radios. Namely the VX-231, VX-351, VX-354, and EVX-530 series but to name a few. Check our Vertex Standard Radio Programming page for more information - Prices start at £6.50

Sound Systems

Do your sound hire packages include delivery and collection?

All prices listed on the website are excluding delivery and collection but do include setup/derig. Additional engineers to run the system will be at additional cost.

What on site power do we need?

This will depend on what equipment you hire, so please call us to discuss - we will need a generator close to where you plan on having your Public Address Systems but if you can't spare a generator or a hook up - we can supply our own power or battery systems at additional cost.

What time duration is "per day" classed as?

Per day refers to hire periods of 24 hours, in some cases extra staff may be required to oversee the safety of constructing and destructing kit on events that run for a long period. Please ask to find out more.

What size speaker system should I have?

If you are planning a party, hosting a conference or looking for something to just make general annoucements. One of our most common questions is, I'm not sure what size system or how many speakers I need.

The ultimate answer is - every event varies. If you have any doubt, speak to us to get an accurate calculation as we cover outdoor events slightly differently to indoor events.

We also have a blog article that gives you some points to consider when looking to hire a speaker system and also some guidelines you can follow to rent the perfect system.  What size speaker system do I need to hire?

I need a few extra things, do you have a hire catalogue?

Yes we do. You can download our Hire Catalogue here, click the icon to download a copy. > 2024 Communic8 Hire Catalogue PDF prices exclude VAT

Delivery and Shipping Information

What are the shipping costs for buying items online and delivery times?

You can find all our postage costs and delivery times here Delivery and Shipping Information. We ship around the world not just to the UK