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Vertex Standard Radio Programming

Vertex Standard Radio Programming

If you have just purchased new or second hand Vertex Standard Two Way Radios. It's highly likely you will need to get them programmed to existing or new frequencies.

You may have applied for a Radio License from Ofcom, the UK regluator for the radio spectrum. If you haven't you may need to read up if you plan on using VHF or UHF radios. To see typical radio license, see the bottom of this page.

If you have your license from Ofcom, let us know what frequencies need programming to your radios. We will do the rest. Also worth mentioning to note any CCTS or DCS codes that are needed if you have analog radios.

Firmware Upgrades - Vertex Standard

If you need a firmware upgrade on your Vertex radio, we can update your radio from £3.00 each, see below for more information on the costs.

Vertex Standard Radios we can program:-

VX-231 / VX-230 Series - via CE99 Programming Software

VX-351 / VX-350 Series - via CE86 Programming Software

VX-414 / VX-410 / VX-417 - via CE64 Programming Software

VX-821 / VX-824 / VX-829 - via  CE59 Programming Software

EVX-531 / EVX-534 / EVX-539- via CE142 Programming Software


We can program your walkie talkies from £6.50 per unit.

Firmware Upgrades from £3.00 each if booked with a re-program otherwise a flat £6.50 per radio.

Discounts available for large quantities. You will also be charged for the delivery costs to post your items back to  you. This will vary based on your shipment weight.

Radio Licenses

  • Simple Site
  • Simple UK
  • Suppliers Light
  • Technically Assigned
  • Area Defined

To find out what license you need for your base station or handheld radios visit the OFCOM website. Ofcom Radio Licensing

 If you wish to find out more about booking your radios in to be programmed or about radio licensing. Perhaps need some pointers before you call Ofcom.

Pick up the phone and give us a call 01834 889 180 or email us. Contact Us