Two Way Radio Network and Repeater Coverage South Wales

Network Coverage

Radio Network Coverage

Providing reliable two way radio communications is just one of the many services we provide.
Having teamed up with TFL Group of Neyland, Pembrokeshire. Their telecoms infrastructure allows a fantastic radio repeater coverage across all of South, West, Mid and North Wales.

This facility alone combined with being able to utilise the Motorola MotoTRBO network with full GPS capability means together, we can ensure complete radio coverage for functions, shows, sites, projects and more across Wales.

TFL have over 24 years experience in communications and all their engineers are highly experienced in different forms of radio including:

  • ATEX
Radio Hire MotoTrbo Network Wales

Radio Masts

With an extensive range of self owned radio transmission masts across Wales, TFL Group can supply a fantastic coverage not only on the Motorola MotoTrbo network but also on Two Way radio hire with repeater coverage for areas of black spots.

Working closely with TFL and their network of masts, we can offer radio coverage to any area of Wales no matter what your needs. If you always struggle with difficult terrain and need reliable communications, Get in touch.

TFL have a range of in house engineers servicing their own infrastructure and can specialise in radio coverage to any location. Repeater Hire is also available for events - call us to discuss.

Map Coverage is for illustration purposes only.

2 Way Radio Communications

When you're looking to hire 2 way radio communications, whatever the need. Get in touch. If you've previously struggled with the terrain, the distance needed to cover or perhaps operating over multiple sites with multiple key users.

Let us provide you with a solution designed to suit your needs rather than rely on mobile phones which in some instances, may not even be an option.

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