Two Way Radio Network and Repeater Coverage South Wales

Network Coverage

Radio Network Coverage

Providing reliable two way radio communications is just one of the many services we provide.
A large and ever growing wide area 2 -Way Radio network infrastructure allows a fantastic radio repeater coverage across all of South, West, Mid and North Wales.

This facility alone combined with being able to utilise the Motorola MotoTRBO network with full GPS capability means together, we can ensure complete radio coverage for functions, shows, sites, projects and more across Wales.

Our engineers are highly experienced in different forms of radio including:

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Radio Masts

With an extensive range of radio transmission masts across Wales, We can supply vast coverage not only on the Motorola MotoTrbo network but also DMR Digital Two Way radio hire with repeater coverage for black spot areas.

The network of masts means we can offer radio coverage to any area of Wales no matter what your needs. If you always struggle with difficult terrain and need reliable communications, Get in touch.

Temporary Repeater Hire is also available for events, film and tv location shoots etc. Just like this repeater on top of Snowdon in North Wales

2 Way Radio Repeater Hire - UK wide

We know that some people only need short term coverage when hiring two way radios. For example when working in hilly terrain. Whether that's in the Quantocks in Somerset, Bala in Snowdonia. or the Breacon Beacons.

If you need to hire or rent a radio repeater to ensure radio coverage for anything from a day to a month, or longer in some cases. Then we can give you a packakge to suit, anywhere in the UK.

When you are looking for a repeater we need to know as much information as possible to ensure the antennas sent are capable to do the job in the environment in which they're working in. Any maps and information on structures and so on is always helpful. There's a range of antennas ranging from various sizes to frequencies.

Temporary Radio Repeaters

4m Winch Stand - From £120 a day

6.5m Trailer Mounted Mast - POA

20m Trailer Mounted Mast - POA

Who can benefit from Radio Repeaters?

Some of our current clients include:-

Where can we supply repeater and network access?

From Newtown in Powys all the way down through Llandovery, Brecon Beacons, Swansea and into Ceredigion, Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire.

Hire Repeaters to match your needs.

Whether you're new to repeater use and want to cover a black spot or you are a previous user of repeaters and know what you need. Let us know. 

 We can supply practical and simple repeater systems with duplexers if required. VHF, UHF plus digital or analogue repeaters available.

Between our own in-house repeaters, including Cross Band plus using Motorola DR3000 repeaters. We can offer equipment tailor made to suit a range of budgets.

To get an accurate quotation for hiring a repeater, get in touch with us - Drop us a line