radio antenna masts for hire across Wales including towable mobile towers

Towable Mobile Trailer Masts

Hosting a temporary broadcast?, running a temporary event?

Having reliable communications is vital to any situation. Whether that's WiFi, Landlines or Radio Communications or CCTV.

Why hire our tower trailers?

We have 4 towable mast trailers availble to hire for a variety of purposes to deliver on site communications for events, outside brodcasts and to deliver a wide range 2 way radio communication solutions in remote and hilly areas. Such as forestry and mountainous terrain or for use in built up urban environments.

What can the masts be used for?.

The versatile and portable status of the 4 trailers means they can be setup and deployed anywhere within 30 minutes in most cases. The trailers are perfectly suited to host VHF/UHF Radio Antennas, FM Broadcasting equipment, Communication Cell equipment and also PA Public Address systems.

Mobile Trailer Mast Hire for Temporary Communications and Emergency Planning in Wales and the UK

Flexible Hire Configurations

We can supply all 3 trailers either as a bare shell or with a variety of equipment and power options including battery power or generator power.

As a sound and communications company we also have an extensive range of radio antennas including dipole, Yagi, Mobile Antennas and can supply relevant antenna cabling if needed.

The trailers are perfect for emergency deployment anywhere in the UK when needed to ensure clear communication. We can also supply engineers to oversee their use and operation.

Trailer Masts For Hire

6m Tower/Mast Trailer

30m Tower/Mast Trailer - Strumech Versatower

10-12m Tower Mast and Communications Cabin

The Communications cabin is a 13ft trailer originally designed by Marconi for military communications. The cabin was devloped to be nuclear attack proof along with being EMP proof. The trailer carries 2 pump up masts attached to the underside of the trailer and the interior gives seating for 2 radio operators. Ideal when deployed for emergency planning teams or when operating as a incident control room/command unit.

Weekly or Daily Hire Prices

We offer flexible hire prices for all 4 trailers, there's no fixed hire period. Whether you need a mast for a short hire period such as an afternoon or for a longer duration when used on a construction project or outside broadcast/survey. We hire all our trailers around Wales but also nationwide when needed. Our engineers can arrive, setup and rig your masts to suit the configurations required.


If you would like to hire or find out more on these tower masts. Get in touch with us.