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2 Way Radio Hire Company

2Way Radio Hire

Communic8 can supply and sell a range a wide range of radio communications systems to ensure contact can always be made across your event.  We can cater for single day hires or long term hire periods for use on construction projects or festivals.

Our Radio Communications are tried and trusted. When you're running an event you need to be able to get hold of people quickly and easily. It can be stressful enough just holding the event, when you need something doing and you don't know where people are, it can make running your function even worse.

We can supply you with the hire of two-way radios for either short-term or long-term periods depending on your needs. We offer individual tailored hire rates to ensure you don't pay for anything longer than needed.

What radios do I need?

We have a range of experience covering events and this can vary from user to user and also the event.

Firstly, what is your event?. You then need to think of the terrain, the location. What you want to get from your radios?.

You can either submit a mesage via our contact us form or call us to discuss what you need. We will help offer not only a range of solutions but we believe in not over selling a product just because people are unsure as to what they need.

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2 Way Radio Hire Construction Site

Analogue & Digital Radio Hire

Some people can be unsure what exactly they need. The common answer is "some radios for a few days". We like to ensure every hire, the customer gets the most for their money at no extra cost.

If you can provide us the details of what you're looking for, plus the items shown above, we will do the rest!.

We're committed to ensuring everyone, whether you're a seasoned pro at hiring & using radios or a complete newbie, everyone gets the best products for their money.
We take the work out of choosing your radio equipment with our radio hire tool to make the possibly confusing, more easy.

Radio Hire for Small Events

You are probably not sure what radios do what and why all the differences in price.

If you just want to be able to communicate simply and on a budget for your Outdoor show, then you're probably looking for a basic VHF Radio. Prices start from £13 per unit. Just head to our radio hire tool and select OUTDOOR EVENTS in the 'Suitable For' field and select the amount you require and complete the quote form, we will do the rest.

We would recommend you have earpieces for your radios, not only does it ensure privacy from visitors hearing your transmissions but you often find those people who are not use to using a radio, will often leave it behind, turn if off or leave it in their back pocket.

The earpiece ensures that it's something extra to think about when using a Walkie Taklie and also, most of the time you will call someone and they hear you straight away.

Earpieces are also great for events as they allow you to be handsfree.

If you just require something to allow you to talk across a small area to different rings, arenas and also to gate stewards and car parking areas, then handheld units would be ideal for you.

Radio Hire for Large Events

If your event is run over multiple days including the setup of the event and takedown and spans for example, a couple of fields, a large showground or a stadium/arena then a mixture of handheld 2 way radios and a base station is more suitable to your needs. With larger events you always tend to have points of control, such as a secretary's office or first aid point or even a main office.

Base station hire for events gives users the ability to reach a larger area to ensure constant contact and then the handheld units can allow users to keep in touch with control as well as other radio users.

Base station prices start from £25* and tailor made packages can be created for you for a mix of handheld radios, earpieces and base stations.