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3M Peltor Headset Noise Cancelling - MT53H79A-77

3M Peltor Headset Noise Cancelling - MT53H79A-77

The 3M™ Peltor™ Flex Headset is a perfect entry headset for those looking for a comfortable and affordable noise cancelling headset that's made by a reputable company.

3M Peltor are worldwide renowned for their headsets plus workplace PPE and can be seen in a huge range of applications. From construction to motorsport and industry and marine uses.

The headset has high attenuating cups with optimised acoustic design whilst ensuring plenty of room for the ears whilst delivering the best sound quality and comfort.

The flexi boom microphone allows quick and easy positioning infront or away from the mouth when it's not needed and the soft wide foam sealed rings give even pressure and comfort when wearing the headset for prolonged periods.

The headset also features a PTT (Push to Talk) button on the ear cup for easy radio transmission.

Peltor Flex Headset Specifications

Attenuation Ratings - MT53H79A-77

Single Number Rating, SNR, is calculated according to EN ISO 4869-2:1995 with a=1.
It shall be applied to C-weighted noise level measurements to estimate the A-weighted noise level effective to the ear when hearing protectors are worn.

  • ValueType  63   125     250    500   1000   2000  4000  6300   8000     
  • Mean att              17.7    27.1    33.8   38.1     36.2    33.6                  37.1     
  • Stand dev            2.9    2.1       2.4      2.6     2.3       2.5                     2.2     
  • APV                       14.8   25       31.4    35.5   33.9    31.5                    34.9                  
  • H (db)  33             
  • M (db)  32             
  • L (db)  24             
  • SNR (db)  33

Please Note:

A connecting flex cable (FL6U-**) will be needed for various radio equipment. If you already have a connecting cable for your radios, you won't require an additional one.

If you are purchasing this headset to work with existing walkie talkies. Please Contact Us to order the correct flex able to connect the headset to the radio. Prices from £42.00