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Maintenance, Servicing and Installation

Aside from our hire and sales. We also provide a robust, reliable and affordable maintenance, servicing and installation service for both radio communications and audio visual systems.

Maintenance and Servicing

Do you have communications or audio visual equipment that have been hired or probably purchased from another company?. We are always happy to provide maintenance and servicing on exisiting communications. Unlike other companies, we don't insist to work on walkie talkies that we have sold.

Walkie Talkie Maintenance

Your radio is often the most key piece of equipment you will use but often the ones that get neglected the most. How can you keep them in key and top condition?... regular maintenance. We can provide the following maintenance for two way radios

Sound System Maintenance

Have you had inherited an old sound system or have some speakers that just aren't working correctly?. Many companies offer install but for whatever reason, maintenance and upkeep of speaker systems gets overlooked or just forgotten about. We provide a varied maintenance and servicing plan to both existing and new customers. Whether you are a church or chapel with an ageing system or you are a venue looking to host an event and you need to keep your equipment maintened. We can work on a variety of systems and ensure things are running correctly and if neccessary change or integrate new pieces of equipment. New wireless microphones or additional speakers.

From our Pembrokeshire base, we cover maintenance and installation of audio visual systems across Pembrokeshire, Ceredigion, Powys, Carmarthenshire and Swansea. Whether you want a one off visit or looking to have a regular inspection schedule. Speak to us today about getting your sound systems serviced

Lighting System Maintenance

From a non event point of view, we provide maintenance and installation of Sound Systems from Churches to Village Halls, Venue Uplighting and a host of decorative lighting for venues including fairy lights, wall flood lights plus a comprehensive maintenance and service contract on new or existing 2 way radio systems.


Radio Communication Systems

Speaker and Lighting Systems

All our staff have huge enthusiasm and passion for the work they carry out and we are always open to any job or project, no matter how small. We cover all areas of the UK and have carried out projects for local committees through to national telecomms companies around the UK

If you want to find out more on what we do, read our About Us page.

In the meantime, check us out and get a quote for hiring walkie talkies for your construction project in St Albans, carrying out a corporate meeting and demonstration in Canary Wharf or even just an agricultural show in our home area of South West Wales.