Gym and Leisure Centre Radio Communications For Rent

Leisure Centres

Whether it's a spa complex or a traditional leisure centre and gym. Two way radios are an integral part to keeping in touch across such large buildings.

Gyms and Leisure Centres are becoming more and more popular as people look into keeping fit for a range of reasons.
From keeping in touch with lifeguards alongside the pool or maintenance teams or your gym and leisure centre management staff. If you're not sure  on the benefits, speak to us about a trial. 

Quick & efficient leisure centre communications

In order to communicate effectively and quickly, nothing competes with the flexibility of walkie talkies for leisure centre environments.
Here at Communic8, we know that spas, gyms and pools all need reliable, easy to use and practical 2 way radio (walkie talkies) but most of all, something waterproof.

The radios we recommend are:

Hire or Buy - The option is yours

We can hire or sell you two way radios that means your staff need next to no training in order to keep their finger on the pulse. If you'd prefer to look into purchasing we can also setup maintenance contracts to ensure you have a helping hand for any radio problems along the way. This is also available for long term hires, so get in touch if you wish to discuss your options.

There's a range of benefits to be had.

From ensuring public safety in the event of an emergency in the pool to getting maintenance staff on site in the event of a piece of broken gym equipment or discussing with admin staff about client memberships. We can provide a communication solution suited to leisure centres and gyms in Wales around the UK.

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