5 Standout hires and Projects in 2023 for Communic8

2023 has been a good year so far for us all here. Whilst many in the industry of both audio visual and communications are finding their feet. We are pleased that regular and new customers continue to put their trust in us to provide our various services to them for their events around the UK. Whilst the year across the board for many companies is not proving to be as busy as 2022, we are at our midpoint and have had some fantastic new projects and hires this year.

As an event hire provider of sound equipment, outdoor lighting hire, and two-way radio communications. We are super proud to have been at the forefront of numerous new events. With our commitment to customer satisfaction, Communic8 has delivered exceptional results across various different clients so far this year.
We thought we would take time out as we hit the midpoint of the summer 2023 season and share five notable hires that have shaped the year so far, showcasing the company's dedication to excellence and customer service.

1 Beyonce - Renaissance World Tour. 2 Way Radios

Which 2 Way Radio equipment what used?

Firstly. This is without doubt our biggest hire to date. Beyonce! We have supplied many famous performers including Ed Sheeran, and Elton John but to be asked this year to supply another icon in the music industry, was enormous for us. Supplying the Sunderland leg of Beyonce's Renaissance World Tour was a big deal and we knew from chatting to the customer that we needed to integrate our 150 Motorola Solutions Motorola DP4401e handhelds, into the existing 200 radios on site.

Who needed to communicate?.

We had to ensure that everyone from the;

  • Stage Teams,
  • Security Staff,
  • Pitch stewards,
  • Police Liaison Staff,
  • Stadium Grounds keepers,
  • Hospitality staff,
  • Housekeeping

....and Facilities teams were able to seamlessly chat and allow everything to run like clock work.
Fortunately, our partnership with Motorola Solutions and our training ensures that we can ensure total coordination with existing client radios. You may think managing 150 Radios, earpieces, batteries, chargers, carry cases in conjunction with another 200 is difficult?. We should say at this point, it was all done from our HQ over 250 miles away. The clients faith in our work and our attention to detail, even ensuring every radio was numbered, every earpiece was assigned a radio and every charger was identifiable and that every box had its contents clearly marked. Meant that it was as simple as pie when they get the equipment. All radio programming and asset tagging was done before shipping. All the client needed to do was open the multiple boxes!

Walkie Talkie Benefits to the customer?
  • Reduced Man Power, staff were able to focus on other preparation work for the concert. No need for extra agency staff.
  • Worry Free integration - no interferance on frequencies or with stage equipment - OFCOM approved.
  • Simplified asset tracking. No need to hunt around for equipment or work out what equipment belonged to who.
  • Streamlined communications to the control room - by integrating additional radio ID numbers. The control room can easily identify who was talking and when, alongside all the extra radios ensuring event safety, accountability and employee safety.

2. Blackpool Mill - Sound and Speaker Install

Which equipment was used?

The speaker system installation at Blackpool Mill, near Narberth. Presented us with the opportunity to work on a sound system that was totally bespoke and really work with not only a stunning building but also be involved right from the start of the buildings restoration.

What criteria was needed?

Quality products, Top audio performance, Aesthetics. Fire Alarm Integration and separate zoning for floors and private dining rooms.

Meeting up with James from the Bluestone Team back in August 2022 and seeing the absolutely enormous scale of what was to be done meant we did have a lot of possible roads to go down. What was clear however, was that the project needed a lot of calculated guess work, the expecation for last minute challenges and also making something modern, suit a building from the 19th Century.

Bluestone's vision for the Mill was as original as possible. Due to the building also being a Grade 2 * listed building. A lot of what would be carried out on a new build, just simply isn't possible. We couldn't just put holes in walls to run cables or clip speaker cables to wooden pillars. It needed much more attention to detail and more so. Liasing with all the other contractors to ensure what we could do, how we could do it and when we could do it. Once it came to the actual install time. It was very much a case of something you would see on DIY SOS. Busy harmony.

To provide such a prestigious building with a modern item and also keep it discreet meant one solution. DAS Audio. The DAS sound equipment is something we are heavily invested in from both a hire perspective and in terms of sound installation. The range of equipment from DAS is huge and the really have a solution for all instances. For this particular sound and speaker install however. 3 factors were needed. Quality, Aesthetics, Performance.

The DAS Quantum range was the only option for this. To showcase to the Bluestone team behind Blackpool Mill, just what exactly the equipement can do and more importantly, how it would look. We organised a demo at the offices for the project team. There is simply nothing better than seeing and hearing a product. Especially for a construction project of this nature. The team were thrilled over the performance of the kit and its compact size. Once we explained how we could integrate the fire alarms and also section each floor as a different zone. It was a no brainer.

The final build resulted in a mixture of DAS equipment.

  • DAS Quantum Q-3-T, Q-10S, Q-8 and Q-23T.
  • Bluetooth and cabled Audio Transmitters
  • Independent Floors audio control.
  • Fire Alarm Integration.

3. Woodcote Steam Rally - Reading.

Which sound equipment was provided?

100v Line Public Address system consisting of long throw horns, and main ring side, column speakers. Commentary Box Trailer.

We love bringing onboard new customers and the Woodcote Steam Rally team have been amazing. 2023 was their first show back since COVID and with 2022 providing them with some logistic problems. It was fantastic to be apart of their first show back.

We headed up to Reading to Woodcote and provided the rally with a main ring speaker system which covered the 5,600 Sq Metre area. The brief showed us of various commentary pieces throughout the day including discussions on the huge classic car classes plus commentary on the highlight of the show. The Steam Engines!. It was our first time providing a sound or public address system to a vintage steam rally and taking in the sights, smells and sounds of the rally was great.

Our Commentary Box trailer was centre stage for the main arena giving the commentators a much needed elevated viewing position and 180 degree view of the ring. It allowed them ease to see the entries coming in from one side plus have a much better awareness of surroundings in the event of any issues.

The commentary box housed 2 microphones, 2 wireless roving microphones as well as a large, clean area to keep the paperwork safe and sound. This made the various commentary teams lives much easier. We provided the Woodcote team with an on site engineer for the weekend who was able to adapt the sound to suit the needs of the show during the horrible weather on the first day but also ensure their first show back, was trouble free. It meant items such as the Birds of Prey display could be adpated quickly!. With some music being featured. The main arena was covered with over 500 Watts of sound reinforcement from 8 music columns and to ensure the site safety annoucements were heard. A further 5 long throw horns to reach key areas of the site. Just incase of of emergency or for lost children etc.

The whole team at Woodcote were fantastic and we hope to see them in 2024.

4. Gravells Kia Dealership - Showroom Launch Narberth.

Which equipment did we supply?.

Our sound and lighting equipment was provided here for the official launch of the showroom at Gravells in Narberth.

A lot of the work that we did for Gravells can be found in our news article which goes into detail on the project. The night comprised of a custom lighting show and also a custom made audio track for the light show. The evening welcomed Kia representatives from Kia UK to Ian's new revamped showroom. We provided LED spot lights, outdoor LED uplighters for the showroom, plus moving head lights out on the main road to highlight the garage to the wider community.

To top off the sound system, wireless microphones, XLite LED Tubes, we also made a custom GRAVELLS logo which was placed into one of our white gobo projectors.

Read more on the Gravells lighting and sound here. Gravells Showroom Revamp!

5. Multiple Wedding Hires - They are always unique!

It might seem a bit strange we categories so many weddings in an article about special events so far in 2023. But the private hires we do get asked for, such as birthday parties, retirement parties and school proms. The ones that are always vastly different are weddings.

So far this year we've been lucky to provide a range of lighting options for weddings from Brecon to Hereford, Carew to Haverfordwest and Tenby to Swansea. These weddings have consisted of everything from 400 metres of deocrative wedding festoon lights. Strings of Fairy lights for marquees and venue ceilings to create light curtains. As well as the classic mirror balls and spot lights.

We work with a number of venues including Crug Glas St Davids. Plas Hyfryd, Narberth. Plas Dinham, Hilton Court Gardens, Haverfordwest plus a range of other venues around Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire and Powys.

If you need some help or inspiration. Look at the images below to see some of the following;-

  • Outdoor Waterproof, battery uplighters
  • Fairy Light Strings
  • Fairy Light Voile and Drapes
  • Festoon Lights
  • Disco and Dancefloor Lighting
  • Wedding Wall/Floor messages
  • Mirrorballs / Glitterballs
  • Aside from lighting we can provide sound systems for your bands or just an audio lead if you want to plug in a laptop or phone and use spotify. This is always much cheaper than hiring a wedding DJ.

    If your ceremony is taking place in a venue or a marquee during the day. We have a number of wireless microphones available for your speeches as well as projectors and screens for any special memories or videos that need to be included.

    Is it difficult to hire the equipment we need?.

    Hiring audio visual equipment for your big day is super easy. We are totally flexible and load in/load out equipment that works for you. We cover all of South, Mid and West Wales and provide a trained engineer to show you exactly what needs to be done. Unless you specify an engineer to stay behind and operate your equipment and lighting for you.