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How to protect my phone and devices at a festival

How to protect my phone and devices at a festival

How to protect my phone and devices at a festival

Going to a festival could be the highlight of your summer or indeed your year. Having your phone or tablet go missing however could ruin the whole experience. Losing all your memories of the acts, the pictures of you and friends having fun, and the festival fun never to be mentioned again. All gone with the slimist chance of your device being recovered.

Protect your belongings!.

There's many reasons why your device may become useless and even more reasons why you should protect your phone or device. It may become useless through damage, misuse or even poor care and of course, theft. From dancing around in festival mud and dust to the tent parties and splashing drinks. We all know the risks but always think it will never happen to us, until it is too late.

We've put together some useful tips we hope can save your festival memories and ensure you don't get left with a dampner that's not all down to weather.

Get insured!.

First things first. Is isn't expensive to get your phone insured. Even students can afford to get their devices insured, yes it could be one less drink at the festival but it will be highly worth it. Most pay monthly contracts come with insurance but if in doubt, ring up and check. If you don't want to waste the time, head to somewhere like Protectyourbubble.co.uk or insurance2go and take out cover anyway. Be sure to make sure the terms and conditions for what is and isn't covered.

Get a case

With all that dancing around and endless fun, festivals are a dangerous area for your smartphones and tablets. You can pick up a case for around £10 from places like eBay. Be sure to not get cheap chinese imports and look for cases that feature hard rubberised outter shells These cases will protect more. If you have spare cash, look at Otterbox cases. Extremely robust but expensive. It all comes down to how valuable your contacts, pictures, text messages, whatsapp conversations are.

Get spare juice

If your phone has a removable battery, consider getting a spare. Not only will this mean you can capture the moments for longer and party hard into the night whilst still taking drunk snapchats but if you need it in emergencies, you won't have to hunt for an illusive power supply. Don't get after market batteries as many can explode - buy genuine!.

If you and a friend want to go halves. Consider a powerbank which charges your phone via USB. Anything from around 10 - 15000mAH would see you right for both your smartphones. Again, don't buy cheap. Zerolemon and Xiaomi, Aukey make reliable powerbanks from around £15.

Setup a pin and tracking

Don't have your phone able to be accessed via a quick swipe. Set up a pin that is memorable and isn't an X pattern or 1234. Your friends birthday or your wristband number.

All smart devices have their own forms of device tracking. Be sure to read up on how to active tracking on your device so that if your device is lost or stolen, you can find out where it is.
It's worth mentioning here that you also should back up pictures, contacts, and your phone in general before you go to a festival. Whether this is to a cloud or to your computer.

Register your electronics.

You can register your electronics with Immobilise Property Security Register. A UK database used by police forces around the UK. If your device is ever recovered, the Police should be able to see all your details and get in touch if and when it's found.
Be sure to note distinguishing features of your phone/device such as colour, make and model and also get your device IMEI number. If you are not sure how to do this, simply dial *#06# or follow the steps here How to find my IMEI number. You will need this when you phone your mobile phone provider to block your phone.

Be weather aware.

Rain obviously can play havoc with your phone. Pick up a waterproof pouch for your smartphone online for around £2.50. Similarly, strong sunshine can cause as much damage to your phone as rain. The heat can ruin your battery and eat up your electronics inside the phone. Be careful where you leave your phone, in tents or cars and where possible leave something white over your device to reflect heat.

Keep Car Keys Safe.

In case of emergency

Have a piece of paper with friends/family phone numbers if you lose your phone. Also make a note of your bank hotline to report lost cards and a number to get through to your network provider if your phone gets stolen.


Have you got any good ideas you've learnt over the years?. Let us know, drop us an email or find us on Social Media - We'd love to hear your stories and post this link to your friends.

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