It's All About (The) Beer Festival Radios & Security for Narberth RoundTable

It's All About (The) Beer Festival Radios & Security for Narberth RoundTable

RoundTable 2 Way Radios for the Beer Festival in Narberth

Late 2017 saw us supply another fantastic charity. The Narberth and Whitland RoundTable with a step into the unknown with them jointly hosting the first Beer Festival held at a venue in Narberth - The Queens Hall.

Narberth and Whitland RoundTable Club had many hurdles whilst getting everything together when planning their event. As with any temporary event, you have licensing regulations, staffing and also logstics to consider to ensure you don't only have a successful event and please your customers. But also you build a stable platform to continue an event the next year. This particularly key to the table team as this was their first event.

It goes without saying that we support many charities and organisations not only in our local community and vicinity but around the UK. Working with the RoundTable was no different.

Our help and support to charity

To help keep their costs down and to ensure they ticked all boxes with not only the venue but also the local authority. We helped keep the team communicating together by supplying two way radios (event walkie talkies) and Door Supervisors to work alongside their own staff who are SIA licensed.

With the nature of the event the occasional distubance or matter to tend to can be part and parcel of running any event, more so a beer festival. We were extremely pleased to be able to help out the RoundTable on this endeavour and are pleased to have done our part for what turned out to be a very successful Beer Festival. Hopefully the first of many more to come but more so. It helps underpin the years of fantastic work the guys of the RoundTable do in the local community.

Make organising your event simpler

When organising an event, there's many, many factors to consider. This will vary from event to event. However, the key points to consider;-

  • How will you keep in touch with your volunteers and staff?
  • What will you do in an emergency, (fire, first aid, lost person)
  • If you're a small team can you afford to spend your time searching for your team to get answers?.
  • If you're operating outdoors, weather can play a huge factor in the event. Can you keep in touch with your subcontractors quickly?. First Aid, Security etc.

A solution to all of these problems is hiring walkie talkies. Whilst everyone does have a smart phone these days. Walkie Talkies have the ability for you to press a button and speak straight to multiple people or to single people quickly and effectively. They form an integeral part of any occasion. Not just events.

Affordable and not a waste of money.

Whilst it might seem a waste of money to some, the speed and time they can save you is immeasureable. We provide walkie talkie hire from just £8 each in some cases, or even less with longer hires.

We stock a range of earpieces and headsets so you can always keep conversations private and ensure you don't miss that important radio call.

Can you really afford to be without some two way radios and security on your next event?. The Roundtable couldn't.

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