New Commentary Unit for Hire and Incident Trailer

New Commentary Unit for Hire and Incident Trailer

Commentary Unit Hire for Outdoor Events in South West Wales

As part of the ongoing expansion here at Communic8. We are delighted to be able to announce that in preparation for the 2019 Event Season. Communic8 Hire will be taking delivery of a new multi role Commentary Box and Incident Control Trailer.

With there being 3 main areas to our business. Sound Hire, Lighting Hire and 2 Way Radio Communications. We're always excited to expand the areas of the business, not only so we can always meet demand but also to supply new work for existing clients.

2018 has been excellent so far on the sound hire side of the company. We've been in a position to provide Outdoor PA System Hire for events around Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire. In order to further develop our outdoor sound hire services. we have been working hard to broaden our range of speakers and speaker systems.

To achieve this next step. The next practical step was to be able to offer Commentary Unit  (Commentary Boxes) to allow us to supply bigger public events.

The new trailer, due to be ready in Spring 2019. Will be a multi role trailer that's initial purpose is built around Commentary work but being quickly adaptable to serve roles including;-

Multi Role Trailer

  • Mobile Ticket Booth
  • Command Trailer
  • Incident / Control Unit
  • Commentary Box Trailer

The interior of the new trailer will give multiple power outlets to serve command or incident roles, where access to laptops, printers and multiple base station radios is important. Plus the unit will have external power hookup points allowing the unit to be generator powered.

For smaller events where small speaker systems are used for event commentary. We will be able to deploy the trailer in quiet state meaning the unit will be completely battery powered. This reduces the noise pollution from generators and also means on equestrian events. There are no noisy engines to startle the horses.

The trailer will come with a minimal and clean interior complete with bright LED interior lighting. Another trait to the new event trailer will be the ability for it to become quickly covered in customer branding.

Customer Branding

We know that for some commercial events. Branding is everything. Whether it's for yourself or event sponsors. The trailer will allow clients to cover over our branding with your given decals. This will be particularly useful again to the command or incident roles where the ability to be easily identifiable is crucial.

Available to Hire

Our multi role event trailer is available to book now with full specifications available on our website in due course. If you need to hire a commentary box or incident trailer for your event next year, for hire across South West Wales and Nationwide. Get in touch via email or call us discuss your needs.

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