New Company Clothing

New Company Clothing

New Company Clothing

We've taken delivery of some great new company clothing. After nearly 2 weeks of solid research into finding clothing that suited our company branding and also something that was distinctive and matched our brand image (something we're keen to develop), we came across 3 seperate companies.

When we setout to pick clothing for the business we wanted a number of things for each product. The 3 main products we wanted were, polo shirts, softshell jackets and hi visibility vests.

Company Clothing to suit your new company

Polo shirts

The polo shirts was quite possibly the most difficult piece of clothing we wanted to pin down. We had many ideas of what we wanted from a polo shirt and at this point you may well be thinking "who cares, what is there to think about with a polo shirt?". Granted, we thought that too. But we want to build our company around being different. Not only with our approach to providing great customer service and becoming well known for not only the services we provide but the rappor we can develop with customers and as strange as it may seem, we wanted to feed that ethic into our clothing and make sure it was something that you remember.

Sure, it could have been easy to go out and get a traditional polo shirt but that would undo everything we're aiming to achieve. With the polo shirts, we were keen on 3 main factors.

  • Distinctive pattern and at least 2 colours
  • Hard wearing
  • Must be embroidered (this was the easiest as anyone can embroider).

During the 2 weeks on shopping for clothing. The majority of our time was spent on the polo shirts alone - as thankfully, we'd already had some great input from our signage providers - Instinct Signs on the Isle of Wight.

After a bit of research online, we came across the California Elite Polo Shirts. They are a difficult item to track down with only 2 or 3 companies in the UK able to supply them. At this point, it came down to who can offer embroidery on the polo shirts at the best price. This in the end went to GS Mahal of Nottingham. Their customer service was fantastic and their pricing was very, very competitive. Needless to say we're over the moon with the quality.


As we've already briefly mentioned above, our softshell jackets was suggested by Instinct Signs. Chris has worked very closely with us as we've established the business in producing laminated security stickers for our property, acrylic property signs and other promotional products.

Chris recommended the Result softshell jacket and again, was able to offer us a great price.
The key points in chosing the softshell jacket was:

  • Keeps us dry and warm working outdoors.
  • Have a number of pockets - we always carry lots of bits and pieces!.
  • Printed logo over embroidery - this was down to convienience at the time but Chris has high quality printing and proved us wrong that printing can be as tough!.

High Vis Vests

Chris, from Instinct played an intergral part again on this. Having recently supplied some high quality, executive hi vis vests to a plant hire company in Pembrokeshire, we spoke to Chris and explained what we were looking for. Fortunately, he was able to supply us with pictures of the same vest in blue and white - something we thought looked smart but unique. However, due to the quantities we ordered, Chris felt it would be more cost effective for us to shop elsewhere.

We ended up shopping for the vests at BK Safetywear. They were able to meet our printing requirements along with heat transfer patches and some unique Communic8 extras - all within one price. Super customer service.

So that's it from us.

It's not the most interesting blog or news item we'll ever do but if you're a new start up company and need affordable but reliable and more importantly durable clothing to show off to customers the pride and passion you have for your business. Take some time to put a bit of thought into how you look, your customers will appreciate it!.

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