Sports Ground Public Address Speaker Systems

Sports Ground Public Address Speaker Systems

Sports Ground Outdoor Speaker Maintenance and Installation Company in South Wales - Communic8

Cheering along your favourite team and listening to the score of the game is one of the basics to any sports event. We provide maintenance, installation and servicing of outdoor public address sytems used at sports ground and sporting facilities.

Loudspeaker Servicing

From small town rugby and football clubs through to outdoor running tracks and sports fields. We can provide comprehensive maintenance and servicing on your exisiting loudspeakers. Keeping the speakers in top condition can prevent hefty repair or replacement costs further down the line.

Common Audio and Speaker Problems - Outdoor PA systems

  • Cracked, brittle horn loudspeakers when installed on grandstands and viewing areas. These speakers often can be installed for 10-20 years with no problems but overtime do become brittle. This can leave the speakers unsafe when screwed onto fixtures meaning a potential that they could fall onto the crowd if the brackets break.
  • No audio in certain areas of the pitch or racetrack. Common reasons for this can be cut or nipped speaker cables or in rare cases. Speakers do just give up the ghost. Pinched or cut cables can be as a result of groundwork taking place, mowing etc. Or just by accident from contractors.
  • Unsafe or wobbly speakers. Again, when installed outdoors. - Speakers that are pole mounted can become loose and unstable when subject to the strong winds. A thorough service and inspection of your speaker systems can identify these problems before they develop.
  • No Audio at all. - Amplifiers can sometimes be installed under grandstands or in small outdoor sheds. Whilst this is often the most simple solution than running cables to a clubhouse. Cold weather, moisture and condensation can make speaker connections and the amplifier itself rusty.

What can we do for you?

We hire and install speaker systems built for sports grounds and athletics tracks around South Wales. Everyone has varying budgets but we always provide a range of solutions to either new installations or temporary hires. If your system is down completely or it needs a once over. Give us a call or email to see what we can do for you.

We hire and install with reliable audio brands such as TOA, Adastra, Apart Audio.

Speaker upgrade / replacement

100 Volt Lines are some of the most common speaker systems used at football clubs and rugby grounds across the UK. The systems are weatherproof allowing you to daisy chain speakers together over a large distance. This is often key for athletics tracks and sports fields. 100volt systems are also great because should a speaker fail, your system will still work. These kinds of PA systems also give you a variety of options in terms of sound quality depending on what you want to use the system for.

  • General Commentary
  • Background Music
  • Emergency Evacuation

Some 100volt outdoor systems can be very tinny sounding when used for music such as at half time. Getting an idea of how important these factors are can heavily influence what speakers are best and this is often reflected in pricing.

Not technically minded?

We are always here to help and advise new and old customers. If you do have a problem with the speakers at your club or sports field. Get in touch with us and let's chat about your issues or questions.

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