TYT MD-380 DMR Radio Offer UK

TYT MD-380 DMR Radio Offer UK

TYT MD-380 DMR Radio Offer UK

The TYT MD-380 has burst onto the scenes over recent months with its cheap price, rugged build and simple interface. This combined with the digital capabilities of modern DMR radio has made it a huge hit with many people.

We're extremely pleased to be able to offer a range of TYT two way radios for customers in the UK. Communic8 are a UK Seller of Tytera two way radios. The TYT product range gives a radio for literally every single person in every environment.

***  This offer has now expired - Jan 2017  ***

TYT MD-380 Hugely Popular

The TYT MD-380 is quite possibly the most popular radio in the range of DMR radios from TYT. The radio features private call, group call, text messaging, scan lists and enhanced privacy options but to name a few of its features.

The radio is becoming popular with:-

  • Radio amateurs,
  • First aid users,
  • Security staff

Amongst others for the simple nature of the radio along with good build quality and reliability.

If you have never heard of TYT. Don't let that put you off what's a great product. You only have to take a look around many of the Tytera Facebook radio groups to see how popular the products and the MD-380 or MD-390 are. If you wish to try out a TYT Radio. Give us a call about hiring some of the Tytera units.

There's not much on the market for the price range of the TYT that can allow you to do so much with a radio whilst featuring the latest in digital radio technology plus crystal clear sounds from the front facing speaker. Many people like the radio for the fact it can also operate in both digital and analogue mode. Allowing you to communicate with existing users on analogue equipment.

Purchase TYT MD-380s

If you want to purchase the TYT MD-380 in the UK, call us.

Our offer has now expired. 

You can purchase the MD-380 for it's normal price below. 

***  This offer has now expired - Jan 2017  ***

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