World Cup Football 2 Way Radio Systems

World Cup Football 2 Way Radio Systems

2 Way Radios used in the 2018 Fifa World Cup

With the fever that surrounds the 2018 World cup lately. It's not surprising that an event such as the World Cup can be seen to hold the fundamentals of your local village fundraiser. 2 Way Radios are a key part to one of the biggest events on the planet.

Whilst the FIFA World cup is a grand event. You may have noticed that even the biggest football competition on the planet still relies heavily on radio communications to keep things running smoothly.

If you've been watching the live football games on BBC and ITV over the last 4 weeks you may have spotted on numerous occasions officials such as the referee or 4th official using 2 way radios to keep in touch. The use of VAR (Video Assistant Referee) has played a huge part in the world cup and relaying the information via walkie talkies has been essential to get information moved fast.

Officials aren't just the only people using 2 way radios at the games. You may have also noticed that members of the football teams bench use radio communications to keep in touch. This is typically people like physios and on some occasions assistant coaches too to discuss strategy and keep in the loop as to what the physios need when they head onto the pitch for injured players.

What are the benefits of Walkie Talkies in Football?.

In a modern age many people could wonder what is the need for walkie talkies in 2018. The simple reason is speed and ease. You will always see people like referees, 4th officials, physios and assistant coaches wearing earpieces. This allows them to not only be handsfee when talking or tending to a player but makes nonavailability much more free. Something that's key in football - especially for a referee.

Radios offer a simple way to speak back to staff or members of the team and give a lightweight and simple solution to a simple problem. Keeping in touch.

arsenal physio two way radio - daily mail
Image © Daily Mail.

Whilst we do hire a range of radio solutions that would work for referees and sporting events such as football. Ultimately to get the maneuverability that you need, specialist walkie talkies are needed for referees, linesmen and 4th officials. This is where our sales side of our business comes into effect.

If you are wanting to use radios for physios and team staff. Traditional walkie talkies work just as well.

What are the options?.

Purchasing Radios.

Yapalong Starter Kits.
Yapalong are a Canadian company that developed referee communications from the ground up which are now in use around the world.

These 2 kit starter packs start at £600 and have the following specifications;-

  •     Full Duplex Encrypted System
  •     2 Belt Clips
  •     2 USB Chargers and Cords
  •     300m Line of Sight Range
  •     8 Hour Battery Life
  •     High Sound Quality
  •     Lightweight and Compact
  •     AM model: 8 talkers maximum
  •     Battery, Lithium polymer, 3.7V, 1700 mAh
  •     IP rating: IP54



Coaches, Physios and Assistants
If you need radios for your physios and assistants. You can hire two way radios for a season from £6 each or purchase radios.

2 of the radios we would recommend are the Motorola DP4801 and the Vertex Standard VX-829. Click the images below to be taken to our hire pages.

Motorola DP4801
motorola dp4801 digital walkie talkies

Vertex Standard VX-829
vertex standard vx-829 radio hire

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