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Motorola VX-261 VX-264 Replacement PTT

Motorola VX-261 VX-264 Replacement PTTMotorola VX-261 VX-264 Replacement PTT

Motorola VX-261 VX-264 Replacement PTT

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If you own one of the Vertex Standard VX-261 or VX-264 two way radios. A common design fault is the dodgy and weak push to talk button. Or PTT. * At the end of November 2018, all Vertex Standard radios are now rebranded Motorola following their full acquisition of Vertex Standard.

This is a replacement PTT button for the 2 models of radio which offers improved design over the original PTT housing assembly build. A common fault with the radios is the weak plastic design and build of the button. 

Genuine Motorola Parts

Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): CB7131000

How to repair the VX-261, VX-264 PTT button

In order fix the push to talk button on the radio;-

  1. You will first need to take apart your radio. ** If your radio is under warranty, please take this into consideration before disassembling the handset.
  2. Remove the battery
  3. Remove the antenna
  4. Remove the Channel and Volume Knobs
  5. Unscrew the fixing screws in the rear of the radio
  6. Carefully dismantle the PCB of the radio (be careful not to break any connecting wires) 
  7. Remove the PTT plastic frame (leftover from the broken button)
  8. Insert your new PTT assembly knob from the front of the case inwards,
  9. Ensure it has snapped into place securly. 
  10. Reassemble your radio, not forgetting the rear fixing screws
  11. Attach Antenna, Channel and Volume Knobs
  12. Test your PTT button. 

If you are having issues fixing your button or you would prefer to not risk further damage. We can carry out the repairs on the VX-261 and VX-264 for you.

VX-261 and VX-264 PTT Button Repairs

Labour cost £5.00 - excluding postage - Call or email to book your radio in for repair.