Vertex Standard Replacement PTT Cover button

Vertex Standard Replacement PTT Cover button

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This Vertex Standard push to talk cover replaces a common problem with many of the Vertex radios of the VX-230 and VX-350 series. Namely missing or broken PTT cover buttons. 

This cover is a direct fix and replacement for any of the below mentioned radios that are missing the ptt cover and all parts are OEM Vertex Standard items. 

The cover is easy to replace by just firmly pushing into the slot without the need to take the radio apart. 

You may require the Rubber PTT guard inside the radio too. This is available below.

Vertex Standard Rubber RA104170A

Compatible Vertex Standard Radios

  • VX-231
  • VX-350
  • VX-351
  • VX-354

Manufacturer Part Number:

  • RA090490C