Fairy Light Strings

Fairy Lights are just another part of our huge hire inventory. We have in stock over 1 kilometre of white string fairy light alone. Combine this with our black fairy light and also our fairy light garlands, it's safe to say we have a LOT of fairy light hire options for your needs

We often get asked for fairy lights for something simple, such as down the centre aisle of a wedding or placing over an archway leading to a marquee or decorating a wall behind a top table. The truth is, fairy lights can be used with fabric or without and used absolutely ANYWHERE. From walls, ceilings, footpaths, over cars, down stairs. You name it. We've likely done it!.

Our most common request is for warm white, white cable fairy lights. But checkout our options below incase you need something specific.

The best bit....our fairy lights all connect together and are IP rated, meaning you can link up to 200 metres from 1 plug and use outdoors, making installation simple!

Fairy Light Options

  • Warm White - White Cable
  • Warm White - Black Cable
  • Warm White - Black Garland Strings
  • If you are lighting a small area or a long central run, (see 6th image) our garland strings are thicker and bushier than standard fairy lights and create a superb visual effect down aisles, or around doors/windows.

    Hire Prices

    • Day £12.00
    • Week £18.00

    Fairy Light Specs

    • 1 Watt LEDs
    • Power Linkable
    • 13a or 16a connectors
    • 10m Lengths
    • Waterproof