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TYT IP-58 POC Mobile Radio 4G LTE

TYT IP-58 POC Mobile Radio 4G LTE

The IP-58 device from TYT is the latest in a new developing market of POC devices. 

The IP-58 is a 4G LTE device that also works on 3G. If you are after a PTToC device (push to talk over cellular) then the IP-58 is a great entry into the POC market. 

The radio gives users wide area radio coverage utilising cellular coverage. Much in the way that a typical mobile phone would work. These PTToC devices are great for short term communications but they are dependant on phone masts having space. Should any masts go down or signal is poor, then the device won't perform in the same way as traditional radios do. 

TYT have always been at the front of new technology and more so making it affordable. The radio itself is extremely small and discreet and designed for vehicle installations. This makes it a perfect radio for delivery vans, couriers, haulage companies, taxi companies and other deployments. 

For these radios to work you will require a SIM Card.

TYT IP-58 Features

  • Simple PTT Operation
  • License Free
  • 4G/3G Operation
  • Low Battery Alert
  • Priority Talk Settings
  • Talk Permits
  • GPS Function

IP-58 Specifications

  • 12V or 24V Power
  • LTE Band Operations: B1, B3, B5, B8, B38, B39, B40
  • WCDMA Bands:  B1, B8,
  • TDSCDMA Bands: B34, B39

Expected Pricing

This radio is COMING SOON - the expected release price for the TYT IP-58 Radio is £130.00

To find out more about band performance for network operators in the UK checkout the link below. 

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