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Vertex Standard VX-4600

Vertex Standard VX-4600

Vertex Standard's latest mobile base radio is the VX-4600. The VX-4600 range provides signalling features both 2-tone and 5-tone along with encode and decode for selective calling. With these features, along with the voice encryption, the VX-4600 offers increased private communication ensuring the end message is only heard by the recipient.

The VX-4600 mobile base station can be hired for a range of services. The clear voice functions and front facing speaker makes the 4600 suitable for noisy environments such as on construction sites or for use in and around music festivals and events.

The radio is easy to use and packs a host of features, perfect to suit a range of our clients looking to hire two way radios in the UK.

The Vertex VX-4600, aside from having great audio also features VOX, voice activation technology, allowing the radio user to operate the radio completely handsfree leaving you to focus on writing or operating computers/devices. Hire the VX-4600 if you need to increase worker safety.

Emergency Features

The radio features emergency alert and lone worker features. This can emit a warning to those necessary in the event of an emergency allowing the alarm to be raised quicker than staff working solely alone. The notifications will switch to the designated channel and emit a live microphone and the Unit ID of the radio in distress so you can identify the user.

Call us if you are looking to hire the Vertex Standard, VX-4600 mobile base station radio.

Some additional features:

  • 6 Programmable keys
  • 8-Character alphanumeric display
  • Speed dial
  • CTCSS / DCS Encode and Decode
  • Direct channel entry
  • Minimum volume control
  • Talk around
  • Priority scan
  • Dual priority scan
  • Dual watch scan
  • Follow-me scan
  • Talk around scan
  • Talk back scan