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Vertex Standard VX-821

Vertex Standard VX-821

Size isn’t everything, so don’t be put off. This is the smallest handheld radio made by Vertex Standard, it’s very discreet and lightweight meaning it’s easy to wear.

The VX821 is ideal for demanding and critical conditions, it’s also available in an intrinsically safe version (ATEX) and provides fantastic performance with a low hire cost.

The VX-821 is IP57 rated allowing it to be with you in tough outdoor conditions where it isn’t fazed by a drop in the puddle of a splash in mud. Should you be operating close to water for a water sport event, this radio can be submersed in 3ft of water for up to 30 minutes, giving you enough time to rescue it.

Another great feature of the VX-821 is the battery life. With up to 20hours battery life, it will keep running for as long as you do, making sure you don’t have to keep switching units or end up running out of power, just when you need you radio the most.

The 821 also features man down, power save and a host of accessories to suit different needs. This radio gives radio hirers a fantastic package of radio for a cheap price, (ATEX radios vary).