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TYT (Tytera) Two Way Radio Programming

Tytera TYT MD-380 Programming

Tytera Radio Programming

As UK Sellers of Tytera radios and products we are proud to be able to offer not only a range of replacement spare parts for TYT Radios but also programming of new or used TYT radios including the MD-380 DMR radio.

We have software and USB programming cables for a range of TYT radios and can program your radios to pre assigned frequencies as required. Note: If you are using VHF/UHF radios in the UK, you would need to provide us with your OFCOM issued frequencies. If you are a radio amateur in the UK using Tytera Radios, we can also program your radios to the repeaters required. Please send us all the information you need programming including relevant colour codes

Handheld Radio Programming Costs

Although fairly inexpensive to program yourself, if you'd prefer to have your DMR radios programmed for you, we do this for the following costs;-

The following DMR radios - £6 per unit.









We can program the following analogue TYT radios

Analogue radios £5 per unit.




Communic8 will not be held responsible for radios that are returned once programmed with incorrect information. All information and frequencies will need to be correct and issued by the customer/client. It is also the clients responsibility to cover postage to and from our offices and unless otherwise covered by the client, we reserve the right to charge postage on your programming.

Book your radios in.

If you wish to have your TYT radios programmed by us, please CALL US 01834 889 180 or email us Contact Us