Outdoor Building Lighting Hire South Wales and Pembrokeshire

Outdoor and Architectural Lighting

If you're looking to light up a building, trees, a local landmark or other point of interest for a special occasion such as a new product launch. Corporate meeting, charity awareness event or something else. We can hire you a range of architectural lighting options to suit buildings of any size. Whilst lighting some buildings isn't always straight forward. We can work with you to provide a lighting hire package that works.

Whether you want lights to uplight a porch or fascia or looking to create a focal point in a water fountain or on a bridge. From spot lights to floodlights with any colour possible to suit your theme. We'll be able to give a lighting idea to match your vision.

Get creating a talking point!

Illuminating a building or area of interest will give your visitors or locals something to talk about for weeks to come in the build up to an event or even after an event. With a dazzling array of colours to choose from we can work with you to take the stress out of pulling off your ideas. From the initial plans of what and where through the practicality of cabling and power distribution.

We know the elements can be something to factor in for the projects over a certain period so we can also supply IP65/66/67 lighting to battle on through the worst storms to keep your colours projecting bright into the air.

Industrial Building Lighting Hire Company - Light Up a Building, Swansea, Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire

Large and Small scale projects

We have a vast range of lighting. From small battery uplighters to outdoor, waterproof lighting. Whatever size your project maybe. We have a large range of rental equipment to hire on short or long term basis.

We were extremely proud to work with the DVLA in Swansea during Clap For Carers in the COVID Lockdown. We also helped project a message of thanks to the NHS staff at Morriston hospital which could be seen for miles around.

Carry your colour inside or outside and deliver messages onto buildings and walls wherever your function is.

Combine with soft mood lighting and logo projection

Using large outdoor lighting combined with soft fairy or festoon lighting can really make your occasion stand out from the rest. If you have company logos or branding you want projected on areas of the building too or on floors, then speak to us about getting your message projected up there too.

What to hire?

We can hire from single days to weeks or even longer term depending on your project plans, just speak to us to let us know what you need an to get an accurate price.

Some of our architectural lighting equipment available for hire can be seen below.


ParCan PAR Rain Cover.

ParCan PAR64 Rain Cover Hire - Moving Heads

Hire PAR Rain Covers, perfect for LED ParCans Outdoor.

• £3 each per day  • £9 each per week


Waterproof IP Rated Lighting.

Element Hex IP Battery Uplighter

Element Hex IP- Battery Powered Waterproof Uplighter

• £25 each per day  • £60 each per week

7P HEX IP Parcan IP65

7P Hex IP65 Waterproof Par Light

• £12 each per day  • £15 each per week

12P HEX IP Parcan IP65

12P Hex IP65 Waterproof Par Light

• £16 each per day  • £20 each per week