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Sound Hire Company - Event and Stage Lighting Hire - 2 Way Walkie Talkie Radio Provider in Ceredigion


Ceredigion is in part very similar to its neighbours of Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire but does play host to slightly more rural landscapes and areas.
Ceredigion although rural, still has some fantastic beaches, great countryside and mountainous backdrops which proves very popular with TV and Film companies looking for shoot locations for various documentaries and dramas. Due to the nature of the terrain, radio communication equipment comes in very handy.

We can supply two-way radio hire to all areas of Ceredigion. Whether you’re hosting a student party or festival in Aberystwyth, a boating or water sport regatta in Cardigan Bay or a horse race and trotting event in Lampeter/Tregaron.

Although there’s fantastic backdrops, whether it’s on a beach or in a town. Mobile phone coverage can be sketchy. Hiring walkie talkies that allow you to speak to volunteers, event organisers and other team members can be vital in ensuring your occasion runs smoothly.

We can hire walkie talkies to:

  • Film and TV Companies
  • Medical / First Aid Teams
  • Charity organisations
  • Local businesses
  • Individuals….. and more.

If you’re looking to run an event anywhere in Ceredigion, having radios to speak with your helpers and other members of your team really are key. If it’s not something you’ve considered before, you’ll certainly agree in the end they’ll make your life easier.
We stock a range of handheld and base station radios for hire that suit a range of conditions. From durable and rugged outdoor radios that are waterproof through to small compact radios for hotels, schools and pubs or restaurants.

What are the benefits of radio hire?

  • Increased staff productivity
  • Respond to issues faster
  • Deal with guest/customer problems with more swiftly
  • Get tabs on people faster than by walking/looking for them
  • Extra level of protection and security for workers/event crews
  • Get an understanding of what’s going on where fed back to a control point.

It’s a myth that using walkie talkies is complicated and unnecessary when you can purchase radios from high street retailers. Hiring professional two way radios is more reliable and more cost effective. Our radios also produce a higher power output than your off the shelf radio.

Looking to hire radios?. We don’t only cover events, we can supply local businesses who are looking to hire/purchase a permanent radio solution.
If you’ve based in or around the towns in Ceredigion that include Aberporth, Aberaron, Cardigan, Lampeter and Aberytwyth. We’re a local radio hire company that can supply your communications no matter what the occasion. If you’re working in the area from other parts of Wales or the UK, then we can also help you.

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Need to know more?

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We look forward to hearing from you!.