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From trade shows and exhibitions, to marathons and food/music festivals

One thing events share whether it's and indoor or outdoor event, no matter how large or small it is, is people. Volumes of people and organisers/volunteers. One pivotal part of event management is your team being able to talk and communicate around site via Two Way Radios, or Walkie Talkies.

From organising and coordinating contractors on site to directing acts, other volunteers and giving your event medical cover, ears on medical situations. Using walkies talkies for events have many beneficial purposes and can be the Swiss army knife when it comes to creating a successful event.

Good events need good communication

The basis of a good event is built on having good communication. Good communication starts by having a communication plan

The radios we recommend for events are:

What are the benefits of hiring walkie talkies for events?

The logistics of managing your staff/volunteers/sub-contractors/crew can be greatly improved by being able to get hold of people at the touch of a button. No time wasted off trying to find people.

You have constant, live and real time information if required of what’s going on around your site which can allow your point of control a great insight into monitoring your event to ensure any potential problems can be dealt with promptly before they happen.

In the event of a medical or fire emergency, all your staff can be contacted to put into place your event emergency action plan – who needs to man what points, move visitors to the relevant areas, stay up to date on emergency updates and evacuation methods.

Radio Features for Two Way Radios

Do you need to hire accessories?

We stock a range of extras that can be included in your radio hire. From earpieces to headsets, carry cases to spare batteries. Whatever you may need, we have a large hire fleet of spare accessories to make your life easier when running your event. The most popular accessories include but are not limited to;-

Walkie Talkie Hire for Events

We can supply you with two way radios for any type of event across the UK. We’re able to discuss the perfect radio for your needs with a range of accessories to suit. Everyone has different needs, whether it’s down to the fact you are basic radio users or you’re well use to using two way radios but your users needs different earpieces due to the nature of their roles.

We're able to help

We’re more than happy to provide help, assistance and guidance where possible to ensure that no matter if you’re holding exhibitions, outdoor events, sporting events or water sport events around the UK, you get something perfect for what you’re looking for. We’re previously supplied two way radios for boat races, mountain biking events in Staffordshire, Town Carnivals in West Wales, road closures in Hereford and outdoor events with music and dance.

If you want to ensure your radio users stay connected and reachable – consider hiring earpieces. People tend to put a radio down and forget where they left it, being tethered to an earpiece often means they will keep the radio on their person.


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