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Construction and Industrial

The construction industry is full of hazards that could hit you in a variety of ways. Some can be more obvious than others. Hiring Two way radios can help in many ways.

The construction industry is still the most dangerous industry* accounting for a third of deaths in the UK work industry. There are many risks from workers being crushed by forklifts and heavy plant through to stapling of fingers and hammer/nail injuries. Two way radios are and can be vital in assisting you on sites, dealing and responding to medical emergencies quicker than ever before.

With the UK Health and Safety regulations, many steps to reducing risks can be achieved by the hire of 2 way radios to establish clear and reliable forms of communication in the event of a site worker needing first aid attention.

The radios we recommend are:

Do I need to hire radios?

Ultimately, construction radios offer safety, efficiency and reliability and should form an integral part of any construction site or industrial project, no matter how small. Don't be put off into thinking your radio hire will be expensive. Walkie talkies really come into their own when Banksmen or other workers will be operating around heavy plant for example.

Who would use Walkie Talkies on construction sites?

Handheld Two Way Radios offer construction sites many great features, these radio features include;

Handheld radios are also great because some sites may not have mobile phone coverage. Such as in and around steel framework or underground or remote, rural locations. Two way radios are powerful and can always be relied upon when you need them most.

Due to the conditions on many construction projects around the UK. We know the conditions can be harsh and that's why the walkie talkie hire need to be something that can be dropped or covered in water and still perform.

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*information correct as of Oct 15.