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From Couriers to Warehouse and Distribution, reception staff to order pickers. Two Way radios benefit delivery and logistics environments in many ways with various features.

With a world of online shopping, electronic ordering, e-commerce and more. Couriers, warehouses and deliveries have probably never been so busy. Technology has advanced along the way also and many warehouse and distribution centres depend upon Walkie Talkies for not only their warehouse staff but for their delivery drivers also.

The radios we recommend are:

What are the benefits?.

If you're a local delivery company who has a small fleet of vehicles, the use of GPS on Motorola MOTOTRBO radios will allow you to see where your users are in real time and save expensive monthly phone bills. You also have the ability of using text messaging via your Walkie Talkies for quick, short replies on queries.


  1. Small courier business making local deliveries. -
  2. Client calls asking for a certain part or item quickly.
  3. Call via the radio to your driver/drivers to see who's nearest to collect the item and deliver to the client.

You get to put out one message to single or multiple drivers (you choose) and please the client in the process - improved effciency, improved customer relationship.

Need to discuss?

If you operate a small courier business, logistics/transport company or run a small warehouse - distribution centre. Get in touch and find out about hiring a two way radio system that benefits you, your workers and also your clients. Using walkies talkies will repay your costs in not only time saved but in bills and improved business efficiency. We can provide long term or even short term hire periods and discuss the option and prices of a lease purchase walkie talkie system.

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