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Hospitality & Leisure

From Outdoor Activities to Hotel Chamber Maids or Concierge through to Swimming Pools and Spas

Hospitality and leisure premises often need efficient lines of communication. Whether it’s talking from reception to the chamber maids, speaking from the dining room to the kitchen or perhaps an event organiser speaking to his staff and handymen.

Two Way Radio Communications for Hotels, Spa Premises, Swimming Pools and Leisure Centres can all benefit from Walkie Talkies. Leisure and hotel facilities can vary in size, from small 2 floor hotels through to multi floor and multi room larger hotels and retreats.

Recommended Hospitality and Leisure Radios:

Hospitality Radio Hire Advantages

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Hospitality and Leisure Radio Hire

We can supply suitable, rugged, shockproof and water resistant Two Way Radios that will deal with anything you throw at them. If you’re running an outdoor sporting activity or a team building exercise, we can also supply you with more robust two way radios with a range of accessories.

Let us provide your hospitality and leisure radios. Not only will we give you the best products but also top quality accessories in your package to suit all needs. From Belt Clips to headsets and earpieces and 6 way chargers.

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Try Before You Hire

We want your radios to suit what you need. If you are looking for a permanent walkie talkie solution, whether it’s a long term hire or you know you'll need radios for a few occasions spread over the year.

We can work with you to send you radios that you can test to ensure you have radios that work for you and accessories your staff find comfortable.

Call us to find out more on a try before you hire package. 01834 889 180

Employee Safety

Two way radios can help reduce your risk to staff working on their own and being exposed to risk. Not only harm from machinery or their surroundings but perhaps possible intruders.

Two Way Radios can be hired to you with lone worker buttons, a panic alarm to alert a point of contact to the staff’s danger and request assistance.

We can provide you with 2 way radios up to 5 Watts to ensure clear communication across the whole area including radio with Lone Worker buttons for those members of staff who could work overnight or in dangerous areas of your premises. Contact Us