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Schools and College Two Way Radios

Radio Hire for Education

Security is an ever increasing factor for Schools of all shapes and sizes. From Primary schools to secondary schools, universities and colleges. The safety of pupils and staff alike is not something that can be over looked in the 21st century.

Walkie Talkies are a great tool that will assist staff in dealing with a multitude of issues effectively which will bolster your health and safety whilst ensuring they’re able to oversee pupils or given task at the same time.

The Radios we recommend for Education are:

What are the benefits of Two Way Radios in Education?

  • Improved Health and Safety to Students/Staff/Visitors to site
  • Faster Response to Communication/Incidents
  • Access Control of Guests/Deliveries from Reception
  • Improved Security for Staff to request assistance
  • Improved Efficiency for Issues – Playgrounds/Medical Issues/Fire Drills

Features of Walkie Talkies for Schools/Colleges/Universities

  • Private Calls – User to User so other staff members don’t have to hear.
  • Panic Emergency Buttons – To request assistance
  • Call ID – Direct call members of staff with ease.
  • Multi Channel – Teachers on one, Technicians/Assistants on another
  • Text Messaging – For the delivery of messages direct without voice disruption to lessons

Two Way radios are becoming increasingly popular at schools and colleges around the UK. The use of radios at schools is something that’s commonly used by headteachers, teachers, technicians, lecturers equally.

Perhaps you can't see a benefit?

If you want to see how using radios in your education environment could benefit your school or college. Request a demonstration and book some radios for a short trial period.

You could start out with a couple of simple two way radios to assist dinner ladies in playground monitoring. Perhaps even order a few more units to spread between teachers and IT technicians. If your building is spread over a large site then using radios will save countless hours in walking or calling people to deliver messages.

Request a Trial:

Fill in the form here Radio Hire Quote and pick the radio you're interested in. Complete the quote form and we'll get back to you. You can also call us on 01834 889 180 Contact Us