Rental of Taxi 2 Way Radios and GPS vehicle trackers - Bus and Transport Radio Comms in Pembrokeshire - Carmarthenshire and Swansea

Taxi Bus and HGV

In a modern world, keeping track of drivers and deliveries is now becoming the norm. With more people working on their own there is an increase in the need for Lone Working to cover all aspects of Health and Safety.

We have a large range of hire and also sale stock of digital two way radios perfect for taxi 2 way radios and also for HGVs and Bus Companies.

The digital radios we recommend for taxi, Bus and hGV are:

What are the advantages of Digital 2 Way Radios for Taxis, Busses and Lorries?

For any vehicle install, we would recommend installing mobile 2 way radios or 'base stations'. These are better than handheld devices, also safer for the driver and less likely to lead to any road traffic offences.

Depending on the type of mobile radio you chose, we would recommend installing onto the dash or under a foot well.

Who would use 2 Way Radios?.

Bus companies are more and more moving to a digital radio system to not only keep drivers safe from members of the public but also keep to their timetables. Drivers can quickly relay updates on traffic problems or roadworks and if possible, allow buses to re-route to save time and delays.

We supply a number of taxi companies and also delivery businesses with 2 way radio communications. Walkie talkies are a simple but cost effective way of checking in with drivers or getting updates on deliveries to give to customers. If you need taxi or lorry communications on your business, no matter how small.

Hire, Sales or Spare Parts - We're here to help

Speak to us about hire or sale options to suit any budget. We also stock a range of accessories including antennas, whip aerials and power supplies. From our base in Pembrokeshire West Wales, we support hackney carriages and small courier businesses with affordable and reliable two way radio not just in West Wales but across the UK.