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Two Way Radios For Motorsport

Motorsport radios give reliable and clear communications at the touch of a button

The use of two way radios in Motorsport is now pivotal no matter whether you’re in a race team or working at a race circuit as part of an operations team.

The use of Two Way Radios in motorsport comes in many forms. Digital Walkie Talkie hire can be for Motorsport teams to allow team bosses to communicate between drivers and also the drivers to communicate with their pit crew to find out how they’re progressing. Other uses can be for motorsport circuits to allow circuit staff, trackside marshals and emergency crews to all keep their finger on the pulse with what’s happening out on track to give maximum safety to racers out on track should anything go wrong.

Using two way radio communications for motorsport events is an efficient and practical way to get information right when you need it at the touch of a button. Common requirements for the use of two way radios in Motorsport include being able to operate certain tasks on certain channels. Such as Marshals and Circuit staff on one, admin and office staff on others. This means your staff can talk freely and communications can be spread equally over the radios.

The radios we recommend for Motorsport are:

Motorsport Radio Hire Accessories

Pit Crew Communications

Ensuring the pit crew has the tyres ready or the tools available to fix that bit of broken bodywork could cost you a race.

Having your pit crew, no matter how big or small - all linked up via Two Way Radios will ensure quick, effcient communication to ensure the pieces of the pit stopping jigsaw all fall into place.

Whether you're in the Ginetta Junior race series, Formula 3's, Clio Cup or a small indepedent team in the British Touring Cars (BTCC), radios comms will play their part in helping your team.

The radios we recommend for Marshals & Officials are:

Due to the nature of working outside or in situations where you need to react quickly, it’s extremely important that you can communicate quickly and preferably by keeping handsfree.

Durable Motorsport Radio Accessories

A range of accessories are available including handheld speaker microphones and noise cancelling headsets that feature push to talk (PTT) buttons, not to mention accessories that are waterproof.

We know the conditions you work in need radios and accessories that are durable. There’s no point in communication equipment that are prone to failing in wet conditions. Other good features include radios that are lightweight and discreet but reliable and a tool you can depend on when the time comes.

If you’re a small independent racing team in the UK that is looking to hire radio communication for your upcoming race season or perhaps just a pair of rally drivers that need in car communications for rally stages or even a race circuit in the UK that is looking to improve your walkie talkie equipment – we can give hire solutions to suit all budgets and needs.

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