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Auction House Speakers and Microphone Systems, Sound Installers UK - Hire and Sales

Auction House and Auctioneers

Auction houses need to ensure everyone hears the lots and bids, we can help with your sound system needs.

Auctioneer houses can be a very fast paced and heart racing place. Whether you're a regular attendee to an auctioneers or you're a first timer. One thing that every auction has in common is the ability to hear what bets are being placed and the ability for you to listen to the lot or lots you're interested in bidding on.

For an auctioneer to address their visitors and crowds clearly. You need a clear and reliable speaker system to make sure you sell your lots to not only the highest bidder but ensure nobody misses out through not keeping up to speed on things.

Sound System Knowledge and Expertise

As a specialist in sound systems and many years experience in hiring sound and speaker systems to everything from funerals to conferences. We know how key a good loudspeaker system is to auction houses anywhere in the UK.

Whether you have a permanent auction house or you're an auctioneer that travels to things like machinery marts, animal marts and more. We can provide a sound system that's suitable for everywhere and anywhere whether you're looking to hire or purchase.

An Auction House Desk with Microphone and Speaker System

Hire Instead of Purchasing

If you're not looking to purchase but need a sound system for a couple of one off auctions. We can offer flexible PA System hire that works around your needs.

We can setup and remain on site for the duration of a hire for 1 day or even a weekend if required.

For longer term hires we can setup and show you and your team how to operate the system.

We hire and install anywhere in the UK so get in touch for advice and to find out more.

Purchase Auction House Sound Systems

If you are looking for a company and sound system installers who can help you from the very start to upgrade or install a new system through to giving advice and training. We strive to deliver our clients with everything they need to run a flawless system.

If you have a building, shed or room that's your fixed auction house, no matter how big or small. We can supply, install and train you and your staff on a sound system that's not only easy to use but low maintenance and reliable.

Wall Mounted Loudspeakers;-

For sheds, warehouses and similar outfits. Wall mounted, outdoor rated loudspeakers will stand the cold and damp that can sometimes form in these areas. Therefore standing the test of time. They're loud but practical for your auctions.

TOA BS1034 Slim Wall Speaker 10Wadastra rectangular outdoor speaker 40wattsTOA BS1030W 30W Wall Speaker

TOA Slim Speaker 10 Watts        Adastra 40 Watts Speaker       TOA 30 Watts Speaker

£57.00                                             £68.00                                           £86.00

Microphones for Auctioneers;-

We know that auctioneers always have their own style for auctioneering and that's no different when it comes to their preference in microphones and how they like to speak to the house.

Desktop Microphones;-

Sennheiser MEG-14-40B Desktop MicrophoneShure MX418D Desktop Gooseneck Microphone

Sennheiser MEG 14-40B              Shure MX418D

£179.00                                            £324.00

Wireless Handheld Microphones;-

Trantec S4.10 UHF Handheld Wireless Microphone Channel 70                         Sennheiser XSW35 - Channel 38 Wireless Microphone

Trantec S4.10 UHF Wireless Microphone         Sennheiser XSW35 Wireless Microphone

£249.00                                                                    £275.00

Head Worn Microphones;-

Allow handsfree auctioneering. - *Headsets are exluding microphone packs.

Sennheiser BE Speechline MKE1 HeadWorn Microphone                    AKG C544L Headworn Microphone

Sennheiser MKE1 Head Microphone           AKG C544L Head Microphone

£449.00                                                              £94.00


We know many auctioneers who prefer handheld megaphones. They can be ideal for smaller marts and auctions.

TOA 30W Shoulder Megaphone                                                     TOA 15W Handheld Megaphone

TOA 30 Watts Shoulder Megaphone   800 metres          TOA 15 Watts Megaphone - 250 metres

£248.00                                                                                        £92.00


If you wish to purchase any of the equipment above, discounts are available so please call or email us to order.