2023 Croeso Awards Show with Lighting Hire and Venue Decor - Visit Pembrokeshire

November 2023 saw us teaming up again with the Visit Pembrokeshire crew for the annual Croeseo Awards. The event was held at Pembrokeshire College in the newly created atrium area. The venue is superb but a vast, education feeling space and we were asked by the VP team to create something "magical". This latest case study features our tasks, challenges and delivery of providing Lighting hire, set design and room decor for the hugely popular awards evening.


The Croeso Awards, an annual celebration of excellence in Pembrokeshire’s tourism sector, took center stage at Pembrokeshire College in Haverfordwest. Hosted by the charismatic Wynne Evans (of Go Compare fame), this prestigious event recognised outstanding individuals and businesses who have contributed significantly to the county through 2023.

The Blank Canvas: Pembrokeshire College Atrium

The venue—a vast, open space within Pembrokeshire College—posed a unique challenge. Without thoughtful decor, it risked feeling more like the day to day atrium than a grand awards venue. Our mission: elevate the space while adhering to Visit Pembrokeshire’s budget and giving guests a night to remember.

Collaboration and Vision

Working closely with Visit Pembrokeshire’s fab team—Liz and Emma—we delved into their vision. What did they want to convey? How could we create an impactful atmosphere with a small time frame and leave the venue practical for the college to operate within? Multiple site meetings ensued, and we were fortunate to collaborate with Charlie from the college’s estates team to showcase the plans. 

The Welcome Area: Ambience and Branding

  1. Ambient Lighting: The welcome area needed to be inviting—a place for mingling and conversation. We strategically placed LED par cans, Gobo Projectors and our XLITE Led battens to cast light upward into the high roof space and welcome people through the doors. The architectural features of the college entrance came alive, creating an illusion of grandeur. Guests arrived to a warm, welcoming glow and at times, a gentle colour chase to reflect the VP Brand.
  2. Brand Integration: Visit Pembrokeshire’s vibrant brand colors played a starring role across the evening. The multi-color LED lighting subtly incorporated their identity, reinforcing the event’s purpose. It was a visual nod to the county’s diversity and energy.

The Function Space: Where Magic Unfolded

  1. Uplighting: Encircling the room, uplighting transformed the college’s blank walls. Subtle purple hues bathed the space, adding depth and sophistication. As award recipients stepped onto the stage, the lighting underscored their achievements.
  2. Key Lighting: Wynne Evans, our charismatic host, needed to shine. Key lighting illuminated the stage, ensuring he commanded attention. His witty banter and heartfelt speeches resonated under the spotlight.
  3. Practical Lighting: After each award, the practical lighting came into play. The fantastic Drew Buckley, captured the joy and pride of winners against a backdrop that balanced elegance with functionality. We also featured a dramatic lighting show for each winner as they were annouced as the walk up music played. This helped to keep

The Impact and Beyond

  1. Atmosphere: Attendees felt the transformation. The college’s vastness dissolved into an intimate setting, perfectly suited for celebrating excellence from Pembrokeshire's finest businesses.
  2. Memorable Moments: As winners stepped forward, the lighting accentuated their joy. The room buzzed with excitement.
  3. Visit Pembrokeshire’s Feedback: Liz and Emma expressed their delight. The decor and lighting had exceeded expectations.

Draped Ceilings and Fairy Lights

  1. Objective: To create intimacy and warmth, we covered the ceilings with ivory voile. This soft, flowing fabric added elegance and softened the vastness of the room.
  2. Warm White Fairy lights: Overlaying the voile, we strategically placed warm white fairy lights. Their gentle glow created a welcoming ambiance as guests took their seats.
  3. Subtle Circles of Light: Our LED beams danced through the voile in a slow, mesmerizing circle. The effect was enchanting—like stars peeking through a dreamy sky.

Custom Solutions for Minimal Impact

  1. Removable Fixings: All ceiling fixings were meticulously designed to be removable. We left no trace, ensuring that Pembrokeshire College’s space remained pristine.
  2. Custom Brackets and Holders: Our team crafted bespoke brackets and holders to secure the voile. These discreet mechanisms held the drapes across the impressive 24-meter room span.


The Impact and Rave Reviews

Visit Pembrokeshire’s Delight: Liz, Dennis and Emma, part of the Visit Pembrokeshire team, expressed their delight. The transformed space exceeded their expectations.

College Recognition: Pembrokeshire College, witnessing its potential as an event venue, was equally thrilled. The Croeso Awards marked a milestone—a successful collaboration that showcased the college’s versatility which also had huge interest on social media.

Logistical Triumphs
  1. Tight Timeframe: With only 2 days for setup and installation due to other events, we worked tirelessly. The load-out window of 8 hours added pressure to our crew.
  2. Weather Woes: Yellow weather warnings and poor conditions threatened our progress. But determination prevailed.
  3. High Ceilings and Challenges: Extra-high ceilings required innovative solutions to hang the drape and also run the fairy lights. This combined with the need to run high tension cables and maneuvering scissor lifts demanded precision. Yet, we conquered each obstacle.


View our timelapse Video of the Event here!

View the evening in our time lapse video - Youtube

Equipment List

Conclusion: Illuminating Excellence and being a hire to remember.

The Croeso Awards at Pembrokeshire College became more than an event—it was an experience to visitors too!. Our large amount of lighting fixtures hired to the job and the room decor wove magic, turning a blank canvas into a room of celebration and party.

As we reflect on this collaboration, we celebrate the power of team work, planning and delivering a hire that suited the clients needs.

A huge thanks to Visit Pembs for turning to Communic8 again to deliver another fantastic evening. If you are interested in hiring lighting from us, venue decor or having a stage lighting design made for your function..... get in touch.