Communic8 1st Birthday

Communic8 1st Birthday

Communic8 1st Birthday

A lot has happened in the last 12 months for us here at Communic8. It's been an eye opening year with the business taking on a few regular clients for work that was never in our original vision for the business. Fortunately however. This has lead to some fantastic business contacts, great relationships and lots of Coffee drinking along the way.

We're just over 3 and a bit weeks away from our 1st birthday and we thought we'd give a little insight into our first year of operation.

As with any new start-up business. We faced a few challenges and hurdles over the course of 2016, some of which will still be a challenge in 2017. This hasn't however dampened our efforts to press on with being a reliable company whos key aims are to help in every which way possible to ensure our customers get the service they must. Even if it isn't always about money.

Yes business is about money, but being able to help people one on one and give knowledge you have to aide them in their choices is something we've always believed in. Plus it's nice to be nice. The comments and kind words of those we've helped along the way are humbling for us all. Examples of this includes;-

"Once again Ace performance from yourselves".
"A very big thank you for all your assistance over the past few months".


TYT Distributorship.

As many will know from our Blog. In 2016, just a few months in. We were pleased to become agents for TYT Two Way Radio products in the UK. Apparently we're still one of the only agents in Wales!. We were very pleased to not only be able to stock TYT (Tytera) radios as part of our hire stock but importantly, be able to assist those in the UK who've purchased TYT radios and require help, spare parts and accessories.

Since then we've gone from strength to strength with TYT. We've been able to relay customer experiences and feedback information on radio problems that's directly improved the firmware of the radio for users across the world. One example of this input was our suggestions for scrolling text on the LCD display for example. - Find our dedicated TYT pages here

DMR association

Another achievement in 2016 saw us become a member of the DMR association. The DMR Association was founded in 2005 and is the group behind digital radio across the world who aim to support the growth of DMR use along with building education of the DMR benefits and technology. Some of the founding and key members of the DMR association include Motorola, Vertex Standard, Icom UK Radios and many more.

To be able to a part of the DMR association is something we're very proud of. We're actively attending most of the DMR meetings to gain experience of new products plus have an input on matters arising. Read more on us joining the DMR association here

The work

The range of work undertaken in our first 12 months has been pretty wide ranging to say the least.

  • We've supplied two way radios to psychic medium events via another local company. CLH Lighting. This allowed their engineers to communicate from front of house to back stage.
  • We've provided site checks to a construction and plant hire company in Haverfordwest.
  • We've done 3 sound and lighting installs for a hotel in Tenby. New dance floor lighting along with a new dining room PA System installation to allow after dinner speeches and background music to take place plus work to existing amplifiers and sound mixers.
  • We've also had staff out with a national oil spill response company working on an emergency job in West Wales alongside multiple contractors.
  • Traffic management. We've been able to supply traffic management staff for road closures, temporary access works and public events through the year.
  • Radio hire. The initial route of the business. Has seen walkie talkies going around the South Wales and the UK. From Stafford to Yeovil, Devon, Carmarthen, Haverfordwest, Swansea, Glasgow but to name a few.
  • Provided lights for discos and lasers for parties in Fishguard.

In Easter of last year we were approached by an event company from Manchester to supply them with a complete event package that included;-

  • Security staff,
  • Sound system hire, lighting hire, sound engineers,
  • Two way radio hire and local licensing help/guidance. to ensure so they could pull off a 3 day event. Pleased to say it all came off without a glitch.

We could go on and on but that's enough from us for now. Thanks to everyone who has made our first year so good. The customers, the contractors, the engineers. It's been fantastic. When it's been not so fantastic, there's always been a tea or coffee nearby.

If you are interested in keeping up to date. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. You can also subscribe to our mailing list here for news updates:-

Here's to the 2nd birthday!

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