Communic8 supply TenFoot Charity Swim

Communic8 supply TenFoot Charity Swim

TenFoot Swim Logo - 2 Way Radio Hire from Communic8

Whilst a busy summer continues to throw up many surprises for our customers, both old and new. One of the local events we were pleased to supply walkie talkies to on hire has been the TENFOOT swim.

The local charity event is a another new date on the Pembrokeshire event calendar with 2017 being the first year for Tenfoot to take place.

The concept of the swim involves a 5k open sea course swim from Tenby around the land point into the next town and neighbour - Saundersfoot. The event itself is made up of 3 parts. A swim, trek and night time entertainment with a concert of music at Regency Hall.

The first year of the swim was a huge success with the organisers putting the monies raised to local charities. The event had some fantastic local press coverage highighting the great efforts the committee went to to get the event going ahead. Plenty of pre event news coverage also boosted their efforts to raise the profile of the swim.

The profile of the TenFoot Swim sees swimmers enter the sea via Tenby's North Beach then swim to Monkstone beach with a chance for a quick safety checkover plus the chance to have a feed via the food station before going back into the water to swim round to Saundersfoot, as we mentioned earlier.

Our event two way radio hire

We were hugely proud to be able to supply a local event that not only is on our doorstep as we love supporting local work but also being asked and fortunate enough to supply a local charity event raising money for some great causes. The committee needed to ensure that for safety reasons they could communicate between point a and b plus the feed station effectively. Not onlyl to ensure they could respond to a swimmers emergency but also keep track of competitors as the event progressed.

We worked with the committee to identify possible radio hire options that were not originally thought of including Mobile Radio (base station) hire that would ensure their main control point could communicate to the handheld radios operating at various marshal locations on the course of the swim.

To ensure safety for the water safety boat teams and organisers working near the waters edge we also supplied two way radios with earpieces to ensure important messages were heard and not overlooked as can often by the case when radios are put down on desks for example.

The result of the hire ended up in perfect two way radio communications between Tenby and Saundersfoot. A distance of 2.54 miles over hilly terrain and cliff edges.

Find out more about the TenFoot Swim here: TenFoot Swim

Looking to hire?

If your event or function is taking place in West Wales and your volunteers and organisers need to keep in touch. Walkie talkies are cost effective and reliable, there's more solutions than you may think to ensure perfect radio communications.

We also supply Event Outdoor Speaker Hire Systems to address crowds at events similar to this. For this and much more of our event services, check out our Pembrokeshire Event Hire Services page.

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