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What can we do?

For those looking to plan events or host functions in Pembrokeshire. Two-way radios and other event services are a reliable and vital form of communication that give you and your team many features to suit many needs.

If you’re not familiar with the county, then it’s worth noting there are some areas of Pembrokeshire that suffer from poor mobile coverage or even areas with no coverage at all. We can provide radio hire services to ensure that your event or function can run smoothly.

A complete hire company in Pembrokeshire

We provide the following services anywhere in Pembrokeshire no matter what the occasion


Benefits of Walkie Talkie Hire

  • Allows volunteers, event crew, organisers, security, first aid to get in touch via the press of a button
  • Less time wasted looking for members of your team
  • Deal with deliveries and contractors to site swiftly
  • Respond to medical problems quickly and effortlessly
  • Keep up to date with how people are getting on easily
  • Deal with problems or potential issues before they happen
  • Multiple users spread over multiple channels for convenience
  • Keep tabs on entry gates/money/visitor numbers without difficulty

If you’re new to hiring 2 way radios, don’t think you need to be technically minded to use them and reap the benefits. We have a range of walkie talkies that allow you to communicate via the touch of one single button. Nothing more technical to it. If you’re concerned about the cost. Hiring radios will pay for themselves by the end of your event simply via the efficiency and productivity benefits they can provide.

For example, if your entry gate runs out of change and without radios you may have to go off looking for the person responsible. Using radios, you can quickly press a button, call for the relevant person and get your money to you faster. – increase guest numbers and money taken.

Where can Walkie Talkies be used?.

We will hire you two way radios for events and functions across Pembrokeshire regardless of the use. You could be a group of individuals running a fundraiser for Withybush Hospital, a local construction company needing radios for your roadworks or building site or a commercial event organiser who is hosting a day or weekend event for the local community and to attract tourists.

Why hire with us?

We will always provide the best price possible for the hire period. We can also supply radios on either a short or long term hire, giving flexible hire rates to suit your needs. We’ve supplied many events across Pembrokeshire. From Tenby in South Pembrokeshire through to Fishguard and St Davids in the north of the county. Not to mention events around Haverfordwest. The main town in Pembrokeshire.

We are proud of the relationship with have with organisers, businesses and charities across Pembrokeshire. We aim to give you the best customer service and assistance plus we can provide pointers where necessary to those who are new to hiring radios.

Pembrokeshire hosts the only coastal national park in the UK. With great scenery and miles of footpath combined with stunning golden sandy beaches. It's no wonder we play home to some fantastic events, occasions and global sporting competitions. We’re also pretty pleased to call it home.

Radio Accessories

To help ensure you get the most out of your radios, we have a range of radio accessories including earpieces, headsets and handheld microphones. A common tendency with people who use radios is they will put them down and forget where they are. We have noticed that if people are wired up to a radio via an earpiece, they tend to keep the radio on them and thus improve your chances of getting through to them.

If you’re looking to hire walkie talkies in Pembrokeshire. Consider asking us about earpieces and see what deals we can supply you with.


You can call us on 01834 889 180. Email us via our Contact Us page or use our live chat system below. If we’re not online, fill in the form and we will call you back.