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Retail and Shopwatch Radios

If your retail business or small shop hasn't previously thought of using radio communications in its day to day business, then you could be missing out.

Hiring two way radios from us here at Communic8 gives you the buyer, many advantages aside from those that will benefit your employees and your business as a whole.

The use of Walkie Talkies in retail and Shopwatch environments give staff the skills of improved communication at the touch of a button with minimal effort. The range of features and benefits are vast and hiring Walkie Talkies will give them the freedom to pop off a message and get a reply without leaving their desk or station. Dealing with situations at speed.

With increasing numbers of shoplifting and abuse to your retail staff. You should also consider body worn cameras.

The Retail Radios We Recommend Are:

The Body Worn Cameras We Recommend Are:

Retail Two Way Radios

Our handheld portable two way radios offer many features which come into their own when used in shops and retail outlets.

If you hire radios from us, we'll be able to swap and replace radios quickly and effortlessly to save your business downtime. Should you need accessories to further boost your employee productivity. We can discuss and show you a range of earpieces, microphones and carry cases.

Communic8 Hire - Two Way Radio Hire Company

Customer Service

Both pre and during your hire period, our staff can visit you on site to provide a demo of your radio equipment plus on the spot training. Thus enabling you to obtain the most from your hire.

We can suggest ways to store, maintain and look after your radios including basic cleaning techniques and radio log sheets to keep track of equipment on site.

Reasons for hiring Walkie Talkies from us:-

Retail Scenarios:

For Black Friday or Boxing day sales, staff on the floor who are radio equipped can relay messages upstairs or to the warehouse to ensure replacement stock is continually fed to the shop floor as and where it's needed.

Secondly, staff on checkout tills can relay to managers and supervisors when they run low on money, thus keeping tills open and improving customer flow. It goes without saying that Store Security Guards and stores operating in Shopwatch schemes can be informed of any suspect customers or issues on the shop floor - swiftly dealing with disgruntled customers or altercations.

Scenario 2:

A small family run builders merchants or timber yard. If you have members of the public visiting the main office or counter and requesting products from outside. A member of your staff on the front desk can use their walkie talkie and to call a worker outside who can swiftly collect the items and bring them to the clients vehicle.

Small things that just ensure your staff can carry on with other things. Rather than leaving their station to find said member of staff and organise whatever is required.

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If you want to find out more information on what Shopwatch schemes are, Sussex Police have a great and simple breakdown of all the infromation - What is Shopwatch?

If you are a national high street retailer or a small business in any capacity. Walkie Talkies will improve your workplace!
If you aren't entirely sure about it, give us a call and we can discuss a short term hire to see if it's right for you.

Call our staff today if you are interested in hiring walkie talkies for retail outlets.  - 01834 889 180