New Hire Equipment

New Hire Equipment

Audio Visual Hire Equipement in West Wales - Communic8 Hire

With the 2017 event and festival season well underway we wanted to let everyone know about the new equipment added to our ever increasing hire stock. Take a read of our latest news article featuring equipment that's available to hire right now, both day and weekend hire prices available. 

As an event solutions company that can provide sound, lighting and radio hire. We're constantly looking at new equipment on the market and also new equipment that better meets our customers needs whilst ensuring we can provide good quality hire equipment that's realiable and cost effective to operate. We strongly believe in the money invested into reliable and expensive equipment is a wise one that pays off in the long run.

Already this year we've been able to cater for outdoor music festivals, indoor theatre evenings, musical caberiet nights and stand up comedy tours as well as supplying Outdoor and Architectural Lighting for charity events, corporate events and more. 

With the wide range of events we can cater for, our hire stock needs to operate with equipment that can cover all bases.

Our latest investments have been into new outdoor speakers, new speaker amplifiers and also investments into stage effect equipment. Namely that of new smoke and haze machines.

New Sound Equipment Hire Stock:

Stage Effect Hire Stock:

  • Smoke Machines: Chauvet Hurricane 901
  • Haze Machines: Antari Z-350

All of the listed equipment is available to hire right now. If you'd like to find out more information, click on the relevant equipment shown above.

Versatile Hire Options

With an addition back in March of this year of the Adam Hall SWU400T winch stands that are capable of lifting 85kg. The addition of the small yet powerful hurricane machines along with bright LED RGBW PAR56 lights means small yet cheap lighting rigs can be given to clients who need a small lighting package for birthday parties or weddings.

Second to this the SWU400T stands can easily take a mixture of both 100v line horn speakers and LED lighting. One single stand can provide you with a clear speaker solution and attractive lighting display that can remain on site into the evening for dinner announcements and background music.

Equipment and experience here to suit you.

We're often asked for 'some speakers' or perhaps 'some lighting' for a function, event or special occasion taking place and in many cases we've been able to discuss with customers and shed some light on just what's possible after the intital conversations have taken place where clients don't always know what they require.

Our staff are always happy to discuss at length what your hire needs are, what the use of the equipment is for. This way we can understand just what's going to be needed and not only ensure you get equipment that's fit for purpose but in most cases we can give clients more for their money. We want your event to stand out just as much as you do because our pride and attention to detail is what drives us. We love the work we do and are always more than happy to share that enthusiasm with you.

Need help? - Drop us a line.

If you're unsure what you need, speak to us and let us design something that is built around you.

To find out more on our outdoor speaker hire packages and stage effects/lighting equipment. Follow the links below and if there's anything else we can do. Call us 01834 889 180

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