New VideoBadge VB-400 Edesix Body Camera

New VideoBadge VB-400 Edesix Body Camera

edesix VB-400 body camera from Motorola Solutions

Edesix continue to lead the bodyworn camera market with their latest addition. The VB-400. Get the very latest in body worn video devices from the Motorola Solutions company, Edesix.

Bodycams are everywhere at the moment and their use is only going to increase. Whilst the likes of online retailers like Amazon have 10's of thousands of cameras for sale. When you go into the realms of using body worn CCTV devices you MUST ensure you follow the law around bodycams. The latest offering from Edesix not only ensures your comply with the law but yet again brings new and better technology to the market.

The VB-400 camera joins the other cameras in the Videobadge family and this camera will become the flagship model. Replacing the popular and widely deployed, VB-320 (340).

VB-400 New features

The newest camera has a host of new toys onboard. These new features include:-

  • Bluetooth
  • GPS
  • Wifi Improvements (5Ghz)
  • Peer Assisted Recording
  • Increased Storage
  • Increased Field Of View
  • Improved Waterproof Rating

The VB-400 is a camera built for those who operate long shifts. Ambulance staff, paramedics, technicians and also police officers, security (SIA Doorstaff). The long recording time which is now increased to 12 hours (continuous) plus the improved field of view means this robust camera will be by your side in any occasion.

To ensure safety and integrity to the camera. The VB-400 again comes with solid state drive that is encased within the housing meaning the units are tamper proof.

Frontline Officer Safety - Improved by the VB-400

The new Bluetooth feature means the VB-400 can use smart Bluetooth sensing for items such as Holster Aware™ . When a device is pulled from a holster, the camera instantly kicks into life ensuring that the scene is captured without delay.

Holster Aware™ is a sensor that detects whether a weapon such as handgun or Taser has been removed/ inserted into the holster. Many UK Tasers are now linked into body cameras to ensure a thorough picture of the incident capturing both build up plus the incident itself. This reduces grey areas in evidence and can help to build a better case as every I is dotted and every T crossed.

Videobadge VB-400 Specifications

  • Pre-record Facility
  • Continuous pre-record available, with configurable pre-record period.
  • Dimensions 68mm x 89mm x 25mm
  • Weight 160g, plus mounting
  • Video Recording Format H.264 format with H.265 in future release.
  • Recording Capacity Up to 12-hrs when used with optimum camera settings.
  • Features such as Wi-Fi impact battery-life.
  • Recording Storage Capacity 64GB

The latest camera also is fully compatible with the VideoManager software. No costly upgrades for further evidence software and equally no expensive camera dock upgrades. The VB-400 will work in the 14 Slot dock that can be used with the rest of the VideoBadge range.

Camera Prices

The VB-400 will become available to buy later in 2020 and can be purchased in a bundle form. Multiple VB-400 cameras plus charging docks and dock controller. VideoManager software included in the purchase for no additional cost. 

To view other Edesix Cameras follow the link to the VideoBadge Series here.  

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