Tytera MD-380 Screen Icons

There's many features to the MD-380 which are not fully covered in the manual. One of which is screen information.

If your question is "what does the H icon on the MD380 mean?", we have the answers.

Aside from this, Tytera radios are not only well built and well priced considering their features, but fairly easy to get to grips with once you start to use them. Programming the MD-380 is a little more tricky and can take a couple of hours of head scratching to understand how things work as there's  no exact documentation on how to program the TYT radios.

One thing that appears to be a popular question is regarding the screen icons on the colour LCD display of the MD-380.

If you are wondering what the Shield means on the screen or what the H and L mean. Then hopefully, we will have the answer.

Below is a picture of the screen on the MD-380.

Screen Icons from left to right.

  • Signal meter - showing the strength of transmissions
  • H in a box or L in a box - Whether your radio is in High or Low power
  • Speaker and a Cross - TONES are turned off (Change in radio settings)
  • Play Icon in Light Blue Circle: Scan List Active - Channels are setup in a scan list.
  • Shield - Blue Red. Un secure transmissions. Blue Yellow. Secure transmissions. These settings can be adjusted in the programming
  • Play Icon with 2 lines - TX and RX frequency on the channel are the same
  • Battery Indicator - Status of your battery life.

MD-380 Screen title=

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