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TYT Radio Spare Parts - UK Distributor Communic8 Hire

Spare Parts

Replacement spare parts for TYT Tytera Radios

As a UK distributor of TYT radios, we also stock a range of spare parts for the TYT radio range. There are currently only a handful of locations in the UK where you can purchase TYT Radios. As a result, spare parts and accessories may also be difficult for you to get hold of.

As we are a TYT dealer, we are able to dispatch your replacement parts direct here in the UK saving you time ordering from abroad.

Follow the links below to the relevant radio spare parts list:-

TYT MD-380 Spare Parts

TYT MD-390 Spare Parts

TYT MD-380 Spare Parts and accessories

Adapter 2 Pin Power Supply £ 6.99
Antenna (Stubby) £ 6.99
Antenna (Whip) £ 9.49
Basic Earpiece £ 8.00
Battery - MD-380 £ 17.99
Belt Clip £ 6.49
Channel Knob £ 3.50
Channel Pot Switch £ 4.00
Coil (Clear Tube) Earpiece £ 8.50
Keypad £ 4.50
LCD Display/Screen £ 5.50
Leather case £ 10.99
Menu Function Switches £ 3.50
6 Way Multi Charger £ 69.99
Programming Cable £ 9.49
PTT button £ 3.50
Rubber PTT Mic Accessory Cover £ 3.80
Speaker £ 19.99
Single Unit UK Charger £ 14.99
Volume Pot £ 4.00
Volume Knob/Cover £ 3.50
Waterproof Earpiece £ 12.00


Follow the above links for parts that are linked - for all other parts you can Contact us to pay via PayPal. Contact Us

Other TYT Radio Spare Parts

All of the above spare parts are available for other TYT Radio Models. Contact us with your requirements. Contact Us