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TYT MD-390 Radio Spare Parts - UK Distributor Communic8 Hire

TYT MD-390 Spare Parts

The TYT MD-390 was one of the first few handheld radios to be released by TYT that featured the IP67 Waterproof rating. 

Since then, the radio has been hugely popular with Radio Amateurs, construction staff and event staff working in the outdoors for it's rugged build and IP rating.

If you own either the UHF or VHF version of the MD-390 radio and require replacement spare parts for your handset, then as UK distributors of TYT (Tytera) radios and accessories we can supply the parts you require.

Please note that some of the items are back order items and can take up to 30 days to be delivered and ordered in. 

TYT MD-390 Spare Parts & Accessories

Adapter 2 Pin Power Supply £ 6.99
Antenna (Stubby) £ 6.99
Antenna (Whip) £ 10.99
Basic Earpiece £ 8.00
Battery (MD-390) £ 19.99
Belt Clip £ 5.99
Channel Knob/Cover £ 3.80
Channel Pot Switch £ 4.00
Charger £ 15.99
Coil (Clear Tube) Earpiece £ 8.50
Keypad £ 4.00
LCD Screen £ 5.50
LCD Ribbon Cable £ 4.00
Menu Buttons £ 3.50
Menu Function Switches £ 3.50
Power Supply - 2 Pin £ 6.99
Programming Cable £ 9.49
PTT button & Switch PTT £ 3.50
Plastic Accessory Speaker Mic cover £ 3.50
Speaker £ 19.99
Volume Pot Switch £ 4.00
Volume Knob Cover £ 3.50
Waterproof Earpiece £ 12.00

Need something else?.

If you have an enquiry about your radio and would like to speak to us about a replacement or spare part you cannot see listed below. Get in touch. 

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How to order

You can follow the links above for the relevant product and create an account on our website and complete your order. Payments are processed via PayPal for secure transacations.

If the product has no link - it could be on back order or out of stock. Please get in touch to request your part.