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Walkie Talkies and Repeater Hire Is Essential For Your Event. Find out why

Walkie Talkies and Repeater Hire Is Essential For Your Event. Find out why

Walkie Talkie and Repeater Hire for Events = 2 Vertex Standard Radios

We know that planning and event can be stressful and that communication when running an event is key. That's why we've highlighted some of the key reasons why walkie talkies and radio repeaters are key to an events success. One of the many events we've been able to supply this year revolved around a town carnival in West Wales.

The event background....

The carnival was a culmination of a week of events that lead to the build up of one of the biggest and longest established carnivals in South West Wales. Founded back in 1904, the first known town Carnival in Narberth. With that history and such a prestigious appearance to keep up. We were approached by the event organisers for "some 2 way radios that are simple to use but will allow us coverage around the town".

No problem! - after all. Communic8'ing is something we do best. Although a lot has changed since that particular carnival in 1904, something that will have stayed the same is people being able to speak to other people when putting an event together to make sure everything comes off.

Whilst there would have been no walkie talkies in 1904. In a modern age where communication is made more and more available by the use of smart phones and mobile phones generally. Walkie Talkies are still the best and most easiest way to get hold of your other event staff, volunteers and marshals.

When we were asked for walkie talkies that would be simple to use but also guarantee coverage across the whole Carnival route, we discussed options with the event committee to work within their budget. Being a community group, we know that these groups often have big outgoings and their work benefits the wider area and their main aim is often to deliver something good for the locals whilst making a small if not tiny profit.

Affordable Walkie Talkies and ensuring radio coverage.

The wide range of hire stock we have gives us a great flexibility to provide customers with 2 way radios that can cater for a vast range of needs. From lone worker, GPS tracking, man down, waterproof features, LCD displays and much more. We can always give you a radio that fits the exact nature of your requirements.

For the Carnival and the committee as a whole. We supplied them with Vertex Standard two way radios. The VX-829 is a very robust two way radio that has a simple LCD screen to show who is calling you and the ability to lock the keypad means the user only has to press the Push To Talk button to get their message heard over the airwaves. SIMPLE!.

We carried out a reccy of the town and worked out a couple of central high spots that meant we were able to install a small and simple on site radio repeater for the duration of the Carnival ensuring the known black spots could be eliminated. To ensure there were no problems, once the repeater was installed. We carried out a further reccy of the routes with transmission testing to their control point to make sure no black spots were missed giving the event organisers complete peace of mind.

Simple and cheap to hire repeaters.

For this particular hire. We utilised a radio repeater ran from battery power due to the nature of its location. We ran this from a winch stand tower that allowed us to winch the antennas a further 3m into the air. (Other heights are also available).

We can also supply radio repeaters to link up across South Wales using a range of radio masts located across the region. To read more on the network coverage available, check it out here. Two Way Radio Network Coverage South Wales

How do Walkie Talkies and Repeaters become essential to you?.

As mentioned earlier in our article, the overriding factor is simplicity. However. Many people hire walkie talkies because of the following reasons:-

  • Improved Communication - Quicker than phone calls
  • Don't use data/minutes - compared to mobile phone.
  • Speedier to find people - Find people on sites via the press of 1 button.
  • Improved Efficiency - Volunteers, Staff, Workers can spend more time doing jobs than calling/finding others.

Looking to hire?.

If you want to hire walkie talkies. You can get yours with us from £8 each depending on your hire quantity and hire period. Get in touch with us to discuss temporary repeater hire prices.

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