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Low Band VHF Magmount Antenna

Low Band VHF Magmount Antenna

Low band VHF antennas aren't the most common of aerials when it comes to two way radio. Beit for handheld or mobile radios.

That said, there's still a popular use of low band antennas and low band radios amongst motorsport users for things like rallying. Whatever the use, we're now pleased to be able to offer Low band VHF antennas for low band users.

The aerial is a turbo magmount with 6mm lead suitable for low band VHF. The antenna screws onto the magnetic base.

Please Note:

Low band aerials are made to order.

  • Frequencies can be specified to us prior to ordering or upon completing the order.
  • Connectors are fitted as per your request. No connector fitted as standard.

Due to the size of these whips, lead time and delivery is between 3-4 days.

Antenna Specifications

  • Gain: 2db
  • VSWR: 1.5:1
  • Cable: 5m RG58 CU
  • Connector: - Customer Preference
  • Power: 40 Watts
  • Impedance: 50 ohms
  • Frequency: Contact us after purchase