Clap For NHS 72nd Birthday - Blue Lighting Hire

The famous Clap For Carers that took place every Thursday at 8pm during the COVID pandemic became a time for us all to get together and mark the efforts of those on the frontline. Read how you can light your buildings with affordable lighting hire from us to mark the NHS 72nd Birthday. 

During the national clap session that took place from March to May this year. We were fortunate enough to be asked to join the UK National campaign of #LIGHTITBLUE and #MAKEITBLUE. This involved many famous monuments and buildings being illuminated in blue light to show support to the NHS.

As the calls for a final #ClapForCarers intensifies to mark the NHS 72nd Birthday in July. We are here again ready to help businesses, organisation and government bodies illuminate their assets in blue to join the celebration. We have a large hire stock of outdoor rated lighting equipment and can light buildings or structures of any size plus project messages onto buildings.

Who founded #ClapForCarers?

AnneMarie Plas was the woman who founded Clap For Carers. Her vision was that of a national effort for us all to stand on our doorsteps and Clap For Carers, which later became Clap For Key Workers. She is now one of several people who has formally requested that the 72nd anniversary of the NHS is marked across the UK in various ways but also one final clap.

What is planned for the NHS 72nd Birthday?.

An extract says "everyone come together to say the biggest thank you possible to all those who are helping to get us through a difficult time, in the NHS and beyond". Famous celebrities including Michael Sheen and Gary Linekar have also put their weight behind the request.

Various ideas are being put together on what can take place with much of this based around social distancing so final plans are yet to be announced. There will be a lot of buildings around the UK going back to being lit in blue to show their appreciation, and that is where we can help. 

You can find out more about the NHS 72nd Birthday on We Are Together website. We Are Together UK

How can you get involved?.

If you own a car dealership, government building, have large trees, structures or statues on your premises. You could show your support to the NHS Clap For Carers and NHS Birthday by lighting them blue. The UK wide clap is scheduled for the NHS birthday on Sunday 5th July 2020. 5:00pm 

We have Outdoor and Architectural Lighting equipment available to hire for just £70 and can work with you to light up anything you wish. To project custom messages or NHS logos onto buildings. Speak to us about a design and we can give you some ideas.

We've recently been working with the DVLA offices in Swansea and also Gravells Motors who wanted to say thank you during the weekly clap.

The DVLA Swansea was done in blue and also a rainbow wash and Gravells Kia Narberth Dealership was illuminated blue to show their thanks.

Do you want to light up your building for the NHS birthday?.

You can Get In Touch with us and discuss your needs from as little as £70.

We have a simple rental plan and no minimum rental period. We hire lighting across South and Mid Wales from our home in Pembrokeshire and supply across into England also if required.